[T(homas) S(tearns) Eliot (1888-1965)]

 Today is T.S. Eliot’s birthday – In ’58 Allen made him an honorary “Ignu” (“Eliot probably an ignu one of the few who’s funny when he eats”) – and three years later, in “Journal Night Thoughts” – “Eliot’s voice clanging over the sky/ on upper Broadway, “Only thru Time is Time conquered”

– 27 years later, this, from a letter to Lucien Carr:

“Read biography of T.S.Eliot this week – he had same case (‘karma trap”), plus mad wife who rubbed both with ether, took morphine for nervous headaches and continually bled “purulent discharges

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Voices and Visions and Whitman

In preparation for some words on Whitman from Allen coming up next week

Walt Whitman presented for the American public in 1988 in the television series, Voices and Visions. Allen appears alongside Galway Kinnell (who gives most of the readings), Donald Hall, and biographers and critics (Justin Kaplan, Harold Bloom…)

Here are (as excerpted) the Ginsberg sound-bytes:

“My father was a high-school teacher, across the river in Paterson, New Jersey, and he taught Whitman, so I got Whitman in very early, as, what? as a kind of a patriotic poet and American poet

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