William Burroughs – Creative Reading – continues – 5


[William S Burroughs at the Bunker, New York City, 1985. Photo: Allen Ginsberg]

continues from yesterday

Student: Are you familiar with a story called An Outpost of Progress?

WSB Er…..

Student: It’s a (Joseph) Conrad short-story. And the last half of the movie (version).It’s straight Conrad – two totally paranoid traders, in the heart of the Congo, have a real Gothic Western shoot-out, They think that they’re leading each other on, (but…)

WSB: No, I haven’t, I haven’t read it yet.

Student:  (You really have to…)

WSB: Yeah, but there’s some.. there’s some very … He … Read More

William Burroughs at Naropa 1982 (Q & A – part one)

WSB: Well, I think we can now have some questions now..we’ve got about an hour left..
I don’t think we need a microphone (sic). Go ahead.
[Editorial note: Oh yes we do! – Many of the audience questions, as they appear on the tape, are considerably hard to decipher (even Burroughs himself has difficulties at times deciphering things). Burroughs himself … Read More