Allen Ginsberg on David Letterman Show, 1982
April 8, 2017
Allen’s late-night American tv appearances – We’ve already featured a previous one (from May 10, 1994 on the Conan O’Brien tv show) –  here’s another appearance, the previous decade, (from “Late Night With David Letterman” – this program was broadcast on June 10, 1982, on NBC) Memorable is Letterman’s shocking confession that[…]
James Franco on Letterman
September 25, 2010
 James Franco appears on late-night tv to promote the recently-released Howl film. 2012 update – James Franco’s September 23rd 2010 appearance on the David Letterman late-night tv show (originally embedded in this posting) is now no longer available by that means/ in that format. It can however still be seen on[…]