David McReynolds (1929-2018)

[David McReynolds, March 18. 1960 (sic) letter to Allen Ginsberg]

[David McReynolds (1929-2018) with his cat, Shaman – Photograph by Ed Hedemann]

The great pacifist activist David McReynolds died on Friday August 17 (this past Friday), aged 88, following a fall he sustained at his New York City home. We deeply mourn his passing.

His obituary in The Washington Post, by Harrison Smith (“David McReynolds, gay socialist pacifist, who twice ran for president, dies at 88”), can be accessed here.  The informative New York Times obituary (by Jacey Fortin) may be found – here  (and Ellen Moynihan’s notice in the … Read More

David Dellinger (1915-2004)

[David Dellinger, at Karmê Chöling, Barnet, VT, where he and Allen had given a talk with David Rome and others, Labor Day weekend, 1984. Photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]
Perhaps best remembered for his role as one of the defendants (the senior defendant) in the Chicago Conspiracy Trial, David Dellinger was an exemplary human being, a towering figure on the American Left over several decades, a Gandhi-like, life-time, radical pacifist, passionately committed to an activist struggle (through non-violent action) against all manifestations of war and oppression. As Noam Chomsky wrote: “Before reading (his autobiography, From Yale to Jail), … Read More

John Sinclair

Ten for two. – Steve Gebhart’s 1971 Ten for Two: The John Sinclair Freedom Rally is a documentary record of the historic concert that took place, in December 1971, at Ann Arbor’s Crisler arena, organized by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, to protest the politically-motivated jailing of poet and activist ” White Panther “, John Sinclair . Ten years imprisonment for two joints? . Among the performers that night, Phil Ochs, Stevie Wonder, Archie Shepp (and Lennon himself, of course)… It’s, aside from anything else, an important, and revealing, time-capsule.

The footage begins in media res (after approximately fifteen seconds),

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Kissinger Tapes


[Henry Kissinger & Allen Ginsberg 1984. photo: unknown]

This is old news by now, but pleasantly amusing and so quintessential Ginsberg that it was crying out to be our launch story. At Senator Eugene McCarthy‘s suggestion, Allen has called Kissinger in order to arrange a conversation between among others, civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy, then CIA head Richard Helms, pacifist David Dellinger, and even (Richard) Nixon, in order to brainstorm for ways out of the Vietnam war.

2017 update – the original link is no longer working but you can read the article/transcript (from the March Read More