Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -393
November 23, 2018
Linda Levitt reviews the Iron Curtain Journals for PopMatters – “Allen Ginsberg’s Journals Offer Insight Into Poetry, Culture, and Politics During the Cold War” “The reader who is familiar with Howl  will find a similar experience in reading Ginsberg’s journals: words and[…]
Allen Ginsberg – Iron Curtain Journals
November 5, 2018
Publication day tomorrow (November 6) for Allen Ginsberg – Iron Curtain Journals – January-May 1965, edited by Michael Schumacher and published by the University of Minnesota Press – the first of three in a series of unpublished travel journals Anne Waldman: “”Iron Curtain Journals is a romp of complex encounters and intrigue:[…]
May Day (Kral Majales)
May 1, 2018
May Day. May Day. Revolution in the air. We welcome today this guest posting from Czech Beat scholar and Allen’s good friend, Josef Rauvolf The King of May Revisited When, on May the first, 1965, a thirty-nine-year-old Allen Ginsberg drove through the streets of Prague, observing the atmosphere in the crowded streets[…]
The Barry Farber Interview – 1
April 7, 2018
  Drawing this weekend from the remarkable Stanford archives. We begin with a tape from 1976, Allen and company in conversation with conservative talk-show host Barry Farber, a two-hour radio appearance (We’ll be featuring it in segments – In the first, today,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 9
January 21, 2011
Hommage to Allen in France For those of you who might find yourself in Paris tonight! –  Patti Smith salutes Allen, at La Salle Pleyel, part of a week-long engagement. She’ll be joined, as she has been on several previous such occasions , by Lenny Kaye and Philip Glass. Their thoughts about[…]