Alice Notley on Allen Ginsberg – 4
September 13, 2018
Alice Notley talk on Allen Ginsberg and his exemplary internationalism continues and concludes today Poem 6 is a song, “Industrial Waves,” that is to be sung (and I don’t know the[…]
World Poetry Day (Cosmopolitan Greetings)
March 21, 2018
World Poetry Day today (as designated by the UN). To honor the occasion, we present “Cosmopolitan Greetings“, the title poem of Allen’s collection, Cosmopolitan Greetings: Poems 1986-1992 To Struga Festival Golden Wreath Laureates & International Bards 1986 Stand up against governments, against God. Stay irresponsible. Say only what we know & imagine..[…]
Vojo Sindolic’s 1986 Belgrade Interview – part one
February 24, 2018
Vojo Sindolic‘s 1986 interview with Allen in Belgrade (in two parts – the second part will follow tomorrow) is our focus on The Allen Ginsberg Project this weekend. Vojo’s translation of Cosmopolitan Greetings  (Kozmopolitski pozdravi ) has just appeared from Hrvatskoga društva pisaca  (h,d,p) (the Croatian Writers[…]
Allen Ginsberg at Cheltenham 1993
May 27, 2017
Allen Ginsberg, in 1993, reading at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in England. The feature today on The Allen Ginsberg Project. Allen reads a selection of poems, (mostly from White Shroud and the, subsequently-published Cosmpolitan Greetings Introduction: Good evening everybody and some of you I’m sure came to the event where Allen Ginsberg[…]
Allen Ginsberg on the Conan O’Brien tv show
June 7, 2015
After the heady interview last week, here’s a somewhat lighter one, a  May 1994 appearance on the late night American talk-show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien. We’ve already run his performance of “Put Down Yr Cigarette Rag”, but here’s the whole segment    CO: We’re back, folks. Okay, my next guest tonight is[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 206
January 30, 2015
Last week, we broke the news of Michael Schumacher‘s upcoming Ginsberg digest – The Essential Ginsberg, this week, more publication news – Publishers Weekly announced the upcoming “I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career“, the selected correspondence between Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, edited by Bill Morgan, due out[…]
Allen Ginsberg & Steven Taylor – 1996 at Texas State
October 4, 2014
 We feature today a reading by Allen, recorded, just a year before his death, on April 11, 1996, at the Evans Auditorium, Southwest Texas State University. A noticeably weakened Allen – “I have bronchitis, so if my voice fails and I start coughing…” (and cough he does, finding it necessary to[…]
Hum Bom
August 3, 2014
We featured one yesterday, so here’s another poem from the collection, Cosmopolitan Greetings – Poems 1986-1992   Inserted here without comment (and for all the obvious reasons)                                                      HUM BOM! I Whom bomb? We bomb’d them! Whom bomb? We bomb’d them! Whom bomb? We bomb’d them! Whom bomb? We bomb’d them! Whom bomb? We[…]
Thoughts In Fort Lee
August 2, 2014
  A previously-unpublished Allen Ginsberg poem? -No, not really, as it turns out, but even so…   Marc Olmsted, in his freshly-published scrapbook/memoir, Don’t Hesitate – Knowing Allen Ginsberg, notes, “To my amazement, in editing this book,[…]
Friday ‘s Weekly Round-Up – 162
January 24, 2014
For all our Spanish-speaking readers, Luis Costa Palacios’ piece, in Diaro Cordoba, recalling, twenty years ago, Allen’s visit to that city, is well worth a read. He came, as part of a delegation to the XVII Congreso Internacional de Aedean , and his appearance, in Palacios’  words,[…]