Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 320

[Allen Ginsberg in the recording studio, 1989]

June 23, next Friday. We’re getting closer to the official release-date, but we’re already putting the word out  about this exciting Ginsberg re-release from Omnivore Recordings of Allen’s settings of William Blake.

Here’s more info (courtesy Aquarium Drunkard)

and here’s the official video just put out of Allen/Blake’s “The Garden of Love”

Speaking of William Blake, hats off to antiquarian bookseller, John Windle (“Windle’s connection to Blake is more spiritual than commercial”). Allen would, more than once, call Windle, Windle remembers, if he “needed a Blake fix”.

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 193


[Allen Ginsberg – Photograph by Marc Geller]

 A wonderful Ginsberg issue (for all of you who read Portuguese – and even those of you don’t, (including several pictures of Allen that we’d, frankly, never seen before) -Claudio Willer Cesar Kiraly, Evaldo Gondim, among others. For more (including an on-line viewing of the journal), see here

 Images Indelible-Allen-Ginsberg-Jack-Kerouac-Allen-Ginsberg-2


of Allen Ginsberg (1953-1996), Allen’s photography show, continues at the University of Toronto Art Center – Here‘s Associate Editor of Canadian Art, David Balzer with a video review of the
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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 181


Two weeks since the last “Friday Round-Up”, so.. without further ado.. Jim Cohn‘s Allen-centric Napalm Health Spa (we’ve featured it before on the Allen Ginsberg Project), this past July 4, delivered a blockbuster 400-plus page archive edition (spanning twenty-five years of the magazine’s history). Original contributions from many of Allen’s dear friends and students. Begin – and continue – your weekend’s reading experience here.  There’s a project we’ve been watching with some interest since it was first announced several years ago, Rick Shober, erstwhile of Vox Redux Press (now Tough Poets Publishing) has been preparing The Whole Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 50

Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog. Armageddon did the Job” – that’s the voice of David Shapiro (and glimpses too of David Amram, Joyce Johnson, Ann Douglas, and others from this video footage of the Columbia (University’s) Alumnae Association’s annual Beat hommage (“A Celebration of Columbia’s Beats”), held earlier this year. The line is, of course, from “Hum Bom!” (included in Cosmopolitan Greetings). Here’s footage of Allen reading that poem, on stage, in London).
Allen’s lovely spidery scrawl. We’ve not much to add, but here’s a four-page typically-exhaustive (exhausting?) fax sent to … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 47

We refer you to our earlier postings – here and here – but Allen’s spirit continues to be present in the continuing (global) Occupy Wall Street protests. The inevitable “op ed” header has appeared (Austin Allen on Big Think) – “What Would Allen Ginsberg Think of Occupied Wall Street?” – (Claudio Willer and Eduardo Mora Basart have similar musings, in Spanish, here and here). Here‘s Aaron Kravig reciting “America” (complete with ambient sound and hand-held camera) on-site. Here’s an earlier article, in case you missed it, on “The Occupy Wall Street Read More