Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 228

From the interesting collection – Literary Ephemera – 14 Postcards From Popular Authors:

 – “Dear Ed (White) – Sorry we keep missing each other, love to Justin. I have been occupied learning music, recording new original songs, collecting all my old recent poetry, returning from traveling. I just haven’t had time to stop & renew nostalgia everywhere – fancied – see you one xmas or another soon I hope – Saw a little magazine with one of your letters of Jack [Kerouac]. I visited his mother and widow in St Petersburg this year, [1970] finally, & sang them Blake’s Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 220

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 217


[Lawrence Ferlinghetti standing outside his “Banned Books” display at  City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, in the early 1950’s]

The David Olio “Please Master” Censorship case – some update.  Steve Silberman, over at Our Allen, has been doing sterling work marshalling (sadly necessary) some defense.  An enthusiastic highly-regarded Connecticut high-school teacher lost his job. 


[David Olio]

Here’s word from someone not unfamiliar with defending Allen Ginsberg and free speech issues – Lawrence Ferlinghetti “As the original publisher of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, City Lights Books fully supports David Olio as a high school teacher of poetry. We … Read More

Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Birthday

“There’s always hope in love. Love and hate are viruses. Love can make a civilization bloom and hate can kill a civilization” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti is ninety-six years old today. Many happy returns of the day, Lawrence!

The quote comes from a revealing profile from San Francisco news station, KQED (including a must-see video portrait by Adam Grossberg – Ferlinghetti bemoans what’s happened to his home-town, San Francisco – and all over!)

“With Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s last breath, San Francisco will become a different city” ( San Francisco – A Map of Perceptions – Andrea Ponsi).

Previous Ferlinghetti birthday posts

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 206

Last week, we broke the news of Michael Schumacher‘s upcoming Ginsberg digest – The Essential Ginsberg, this week, more publication news – Publishers Weekly announced the upcoming “I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career, the selected correspondence between Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, edited by Bill Morgan, due out from City Lights later in the year – “The majority of letters collected here have never before been published and they span the period from 1955 until Ginsberg’s death in 1997. Facsimilies and photographs enhance the collection, an evocative portrait of an inspiring … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 197

Diane Di Prima‘s new book from City LightsThe Poetry Deal is out. We’ve reported before about her recent troubling health difficulties. The emergencies still remain but still the urgency of the work, still the extraordinary achievement of the work. “In The Poetry Deal“, her publishers write, (di) Prima maps out over forty years of San Francisco history, from the culture of the late ‘Sixties, to her grief over her friends’ passing during the AIDS epidemic, to stories of her countercultural colleagues and the rapidly changing environment she has seen take place over the years in (San … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 180

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Wednesday-night saw the launch in San Francisco of Peter Orlovsky – A Life In Words – Intimate Chronicles of A Beat Writer.  Next stop, Boulder, Colorado.


Frank O’Hara, whose poems, Allen memorably wrote, “taught me to really see New York for the first time” (“like having Catullus change your view of the Forum in Rome” (!)) is currently being feted by City Lights, with a brand-new, expanded, … Read More

Expansive Poetics – 61 – (Michael McClure)


                                           GOOOOOOR! GOOOOOOOOOO! 


        Student: I want to mention that Michael McClure has created something called  a Grahh language.. AG: Yeah, beast language. Student: (It’s in) Ghost Tantras. AG: Ghost Tantras, yeah. Student:  ..which is, all the way, what is it, ninety-nine? AG: Ninety-nine poems, or so [ninety-nine]. He was inspired by listening to the lions in the San Francisco Zoo, and listening to whale sounds and coyote

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Birthday

Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Lights book shop  

 [Lawrence Ferlinghetti – Photograph by Barry J Holmes]

An article in The (London) Observer last month on San Francisco and the alarming effects of the boom, “Is San Francisco losing its soul?” paid the obligatory visit to Lawrence Ferlinghetti – “He complains of a soulless group of people, a “new breed” of men and women too busy with iPhones to “be here” in the moment, and shiny new Mercedes Benzs on his street…”It’s totally shocking to see Silicon Valley take over the city.” says Ferlinghetti who still rents in North Beach. “San Francisco is rapidly changing and … Read More

Friday Weekly Round-Up – 168

[Allen Ginsberg in drag – from Pickup’s Tricks,  Gregory Pickup’s 1973 documentary about the legendary exploits of the San Francisco drag-performance group, The Cockettes (this footage is also included in Bill Weber & David Weismann’s 2002 feature-length movie)]

March madness. Ginsberg silliness. It’s not April Fools Day yet, but will be soon.  First off, Exploitation Corner – more bizarre, inappropriate items, starting with.. 

Surely what the world needs! – an  “Allen Ginsberg  Luggage Tag” ! The same company offers an “I heart howls [sic] Reusable Shopping Bag”  I heart howls Reusable Shopping Bag (presumably for those moments of “hungry fatigue” when you find yourself … Read More