Allen Ginsberg’s “A Further Proposal”
February 21, 2018
AG:  next – oh yeah, Marlowe – ( (page) twenty-five) – “Come Live With Me And Be My Love” – remember that? – Everybody read that?  This was my version of that. This is to Neal Cassady, but it isn’t[…]
A Brief Anthology of English Lyric
November 2, 2017
Allen at Naropa on “Basic Poetics” continuing from here AG: So we’ll go back to Edmund Waller or do a bit more of (John) Milton. But I would like to get to Edmund Waller for a while, for a brief while. Is that alright? Is that… “Go, lovely rose”  (on page three-oh-five).[…]
Marlowe & Raleigh (The Passionate Shepherd)
October 5, 2016
  Abraham Bloemaert – Shepherd and Shepherdess (1627) oil on canvas – in the collection of Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum, Hannover (Germany) AG: Does everybody here from high school remember (Christopher) Marlowe and (Walter) Raleigh‘s little complimentary poems, “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd“? Has everybody read[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 49
September 12, 2012
AG: (William Carlos) Williams, continuing on this theme – “The Cure” – page 23 – – “Sometimes I envy others, fear them/ a little too, if they write well./ For when I cannot write I[…]