Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 361

Changes to our site you may have noticed.  Bear with us as we iron out a few more wrinkles..

Among the information freshly disseminated above, forthcoming autumn publications including Iron Curtain Journals: January-May 1965 edited by Michael Schumacher, tracking Allen’s most turbulent six months, his expulsion from Cuba, travels to Russia, Poland, Warsaw Ghetto, to Prague where he’s expelled by Czech police immediately after his May King crowning, only to land in London to meet the Beatles, film with Bob Dylan and host the The International Poetry Incarnation at the Royal Albert Hall.  We can’t wait for this one.

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 175

[Allen Ginsberg throwing out the first ball at the San Francisco Giants game at Candlestick Park, June 2, 1994 – Photo courtesy Steve Silberman]

Our friend, Chris Funkhouser has a must-read piece (part of a 4-part series) in Jacket 2 on his experiences with audio recording (and in this case, in particular, the recording of Allen Ginsberg). “I studied with Naropa in 1986”, he writes. “He was my teacher and friend from then onward. There’s no question my sense that poetry could (if not should) be an electrified-multimedia performance came from (him). With so many years of practice … Read More

Encountering Allen

[Sunflower Serpent, June 30, 1989. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Yesterday, we directed you to the Memorial/Tributes section of our blog [2018 update – this feature of the blog no longer available – Memorial/Tributes section incorporated elsewhere] . First-hand encounters. We know there are zillions of them. Allen definitely left an impression on everyone he met. We’ll be adding to this and featuring more in the months to come. Steve Silberman’s Our Allen Facebook page, some years back, set up a forum for recollection and memoir that includes some sweet personal accounts and is well worth re-visiting. Contributions … Read More