Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 358
March 23, 2018
Tomorrow is Lawrence Ferlinghetti‘s 99th birthday. There’ll be more about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, for today… Lawrence Ferlinghetti interviewed by John McMurtrie in the San Francisco[…]
Elazar Larry Freifeld Tel Aviv 1988 Interview
March 3, 2018
Allen Ginsberg in Israel. This interview with Elazar Larry Freifeld was conducted at Tel Aviv University in 1988, and published in Moznaim (in Hebrew). It appeared a year later (In English) in The Tel Aviv Review, and most[…]
Allen Ginsberg 1985 Naropa reading
December 31, 2017
Continuing from yesterday’s Eric Mottram-Philip Whalen reading Allen Ginsberg  (following some brief announcements of upcoming readings by Anne Waldman) Anne Waldman introduces Allen Ginsberg:; AW: Allen Ginsberg – Guggenheim Fellow and member of the American Institute of Arts and Letters, the author of Howl, Kaddish, Planet News, The[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 344
December 1, 2017
We promised we’d have word for you, and now it’s finally out! A definitive Chinese edition of the Collected Poems 1947-1997, from Chinese publishing house Shanghai 99  has just hit stores in China – a stunning three-volume set, with translations by Hui Ming.   More details on the publisher’s Chinese language web-site- here.  […]
Allen and Louis and the Vietnam War – November 1965 Letter
November 29, 2017
A passionate letter today from 1965  (at the height of the Vietnam War), Allen, in San Francisco, on this day (November 29), writing to his father. The naivety, indeed myopia, on his father’s side exasperated Allen (the simplicity of the goad that he was a “Communist”  that the “Commies infiltrated and used[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 336
October 6, 2017
Just a reminder that it’s Kerouac celebrations in his home-town of Lowell this weekend. Festivities have already begun, but plenty’s still happening –  you can[…]
Ginsberg and China – 2 (Zhang Ziqing Questionnaire)
September 10, 2017
Continuing from yesterday Chinese scholar and poet Zhang Ziqing was in correspondence with Allen in 1990 regarding his knowledge and experience of Chinese poetry.  He sent on a questionnaire. Allen wrote back that he would be happy to answer it but needed to know “whether the questions refer to classical, XXth century,[…]
Ginsberg and China
September 9, 2017
  Allen Ginsberg in China is our focus this weekend. Allen and China – great news! -.a new (first-time!) edition of his Collected Poems is due out very soon in that country  (hopefully in November)  […]
“Just Old Chinese Philosophy”
August 28, 2017
Chinese fishermen with cormorants – Photograph by Bobby Joshi Student: I’ve got a couple of Chinese poems translated by (Kenneth) Rexroth that each have three sentences if you want an example (of tri-partite structure) AG: Rexroth has a fuzzy brain. Do they fit?   I don’t want a example if it doesn’t fit!.[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 312
April 21, 2017
Great news! – Omnivore Recordings, and Pat Thomas, (who gave us last year the extraordinary The Last Word on First Blues), are issuing, as a two-CD package, Allen Ginsberg’s The Complete Songs Of Innocence And Experience,  is both a reissue of Allen’s original Blake release from 1969 on MGM, with the unreleased[…]