Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 283


Edson cemetry, Lowell, Mass. The exact location. Bob Dylan and Allen visiting Jack Kerouac’s grave. We’ve featured Bob Egan‘s conceptual recreations – Popspots – before –  here.  Here’s his re-staging of two of Ken Regan’s iconic photos.

Here’s another of his Popspots ( “Pot Is A Reality Kick” – Benedict J Fernandez‘s much-circulated image of Allen at the LEMAR (Committee To Legalize Marijuana) protest, Christopher Street at 6th Avenue, New York City, January, 1965


Oscar Wilde !854-1900

Patti Smith reading Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol ? Reading Gaol (HM Prison, Reading) … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 10 (Conclusion)

[James Jesus Angleton  (1917-1987), Chief of the CIA’s Counter-Intelligence Staff 1954-1975]

AG: Well, ok, what does all this mean? [all this COUNTELPRO information]  – It means that.. Well, one thing it means that, see, their budget was enormous.I mean they had seven billion dollars a year, the CIA alone had seven billion. So there was a budget of anywhere between seven and twenty billion, who knows?  to employ millions of secretaries and lots of telephone bills, automobile bills, cars, mimeograph machines, people to write letters, specialists, agents who would analyze other agents work.  Almost every move that was made in … Read More

Jello Biafra


[Jello Biafra – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – caption: “Jello Biafra (nee Eric Boucher) head of Dead Kennedys rock band, visiting N.Y. after obscenity trial (won by hung jury) over Art Illustrations to his “Frankenchrist” album. “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” and “Too Drunk to Fuck” were earlier Punk underground hits. He was touring, lecturing on Reagan-era Censorship moves. Late nights the “rebounding from the want ads, surprised scrutinized by candid surveillance camera”, recovering from flu, his open briefcase in small bedroom, pens clipped on to strap, old backstage tour passes posted inside, October 6, 1987″]

From an … Read More

Gregory Corso Reads The Bill of Rights

Gregory Corso reads the Bill of Rights? – That’s right. Footage here from Jerry Poynton and James Rasin of Gregory, in April of 1992, atop a New York City rooftop (Roger & Irvyne Richards‘ old building, and Gregory’s old hang-out, on Horatio Street, over in the West Village). Gregory is filmed reading from/commenting on/annotating – in his own inimitable style (sic!) – several choice selections from the (US) Constitution and the Bill of Rights – the Amendments!  – “the Amendments, they’re the big ball-game”.  (Thomas) Jefferson? – “If he’d been in England at that time, he would … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 136 (Political Commitment – 1)

Student: You were talking about political disillusionment the other day. AG: Yeah. Student: What’s the nature now [1976] of your political commitment?   AG: Very complicated. I felt that I had left that hanging in the air, unresolved. In fact, hadn’t even formulated what I was trying to say but what I was doing was presenting specimens. I guess that was obvious. I was presenting specimens of different political attitudes, (from Shelley to Wordsworth to Whitman, (and) with a little reference to (Timothy) Leary. Student (Can you talk about your own development?) AG: Well, okay, I began, basically, in terms … Read More

Allen Ginsberg June 1986 Radio Interview

City Lights put up (as a podcast, on-line) earlier this summer, an interview (a phone-interview) with Allen, dating from the mid-1980’s, the (Ronald) Reagan era, (June 2 1986, in fact, the day before Allen’s 60th birthday!). We thought to shine some more light on it, to feature it this weekend.  Here follows a transcription.  Allen, with the two interviewers, Walter Isgro, and another, un-named, (the context being a visit to the state of Maine), discuss poetic history, censorship, art, education, politics (both global and local) and Allen and the Beats as representatives of a tradition, the tradition of … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round Up – 123

[Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco 1994 – photograph by Chris Felver (from the Berg Collection at the New York Public Library]

Belatedly noting the passing (he died April 11, aged 86) of the noted free-speech lawyer, Edward De Grazia, “one of the country’s foremost advocates of the First Amendment, championing the causes of writers, publishers, film-makers and others who challenged legal and moral conventions” (as his Washington Post’s obituary-note succinctly puts it). De Grazia was the author of the wonderfully-titled, (and wonderfully-comprehensive), Girls Lean Back Everywhere -The Laws of Obscenity and the Assault on Genius (the source of that … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 121

A couple of weeks back (yes, it’s taken us that long to recover from all of the travel!) Allen was honored as one of the national heroes of the liberation struggle for the creation/establishment of the modern state of Bangladesh .“September on Jessore Road”, it seems, had, in 1971, an extraordinary effect in publicizing the appalling plight of the refugees and spreading word on the refugee-crisis there. Bob Rosenthal and Peter Hale, of the Ginsberg Estate, flew out to the official ceremonies to accept the award on Allen’s behalf. Here’s a few notes about (and selected images from) what … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 116

William S. Burroughs zu Besuch bei Brion Gysin, Paris, Oktober 1979. Bildreproduktion, Foto: Udo Breger, VG-Bildkunst

There’s going to be a big new William Burroughs show opening next week in Hamburg, at the Deichtorhallen (from March 15 – August 18), curated by Udo Breger and Axel Heil – “The exhibition’s goal is to make tangible, in review, and for the first time within Europe on such a scale, the visionary volatility of William S. Burroughs‘ literary output, while at the same time showing the impact of his ideas and philosophy on a wider network of authors, musicians, composers, painters, photographers, video artists and film-makers. The curators (and the Director of the Deichtorhallen, Dirk Luckow) will … Read More

Allen Ginsberg-Brian Shields 1987 Dallas Radio Interview

BS: Welcome to People – Brian Shields – KRLD News. This week on People, we’re talking with Allen Ginsberg. Now if you haven’t heard of Allen Ginsberg, one wonders where you’ve been for the past 20-25 years. Allen Ginsbeg is, of course, a poet, one of the best-known poets, really, of this part of the 20th Century. He has written extensively and has been involved in politics and political movenents as well, and we’d like to..
AG: And artistic movements
BS: And artistic movements. In fact, one of the great leaders of artistic movements in this century. Thank you very … Read More