Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 330
August 25, 2017
Allen Ginsberg on tv, May 7 1968 on Firing Line With William Buckley from the Letters column in last weekend’s New York Times Book Review “Reading Ann Douglas’s review of Allen Ginsberg’s “The Best Minds of My Generation” (Aug. 6) reminded me of a chance meeting with Ginsberg in the early ’60s.[…]
Objectivism at Michigan Poetry Conference , 1973
August 19, 2017
Our feature today – the extraordinary gathering on Objectivist poetics that took place in 1973 in Allendale Michigan and Allen’s participation in it. We are indebted to the labors (both with video and transcription) of Steel Wagstaff. His introduction to the occasion (on the poetry-site, Dispatches)  may be read here. Below is[…]
Carl Rakosi
November 6, 2014
– Photograph by Gloria Graham]   Two introductions by Allen Ginsberg and one by Anselm Hollo to readings by Carl Rakosi (who shares the same birthday as the compiler of these notes) and who lived to be a spry one hundred. He would have been one hundred-and-eleven today! Allen Ginsberg’s[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 15 (Objectivism)
June 11, 2012
AG: There’s an interesting development out of American Imagism which takes into account this problem of how do you deal with your emotions, or your thoughts, or your own speech, or your generalizations, as part of the haiku, or part of the construction of a poem. The Imagists insisted that everything be[…]