Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 388
October 19, 2018
Andy Warhol’s photo archive  (consisting of 3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images -“the most complete collection of the artist’s black-and-white photography ever made available to the public”)  was[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 318
June 2, 2017
Anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s birth tomorrow. Anne Waldman and guests will be celebrating it at the Fox Theatre in Boulder Meanwhile in NYC (from 3-9) at the Howl Happening Gallery (also celebrating the upcoming re-release of the Ginsberg-Blake Songs of Innocence and Experience on CD)  – Ed Sanders, Steven Taylor, Ernie Brooks […]
Ginsberg in India
October 23, 2015
  Jeet Thayil‘s radio documentary, Ginsberg in India, currently available here, provides the occasion for a brief review of that always-intriguing subject.    American poet, Bob Holman (along with producer-editor-director, Ram Devineni), a few years back, made a film-documentary, Ginsberg’s Karma (This may be seen in its entirety here)    Deborah Baker‘s authoritative book,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 174
April 25, 2014
  Wild in Denver – Neal Cassady’s Teen Years by Charlie Hailer News from New York – it seems that this summer’s regular Howl! Festival won’t be happening this year.  More on that story here – and here  In memoriam –  here is a group reading of “Howl” (from the 2010 Howl![…]
Manhattan Poetry Video Project 1984
November 27, 2013
Rose Lesniak’s Manhattan Poetry Video Project, from 1984 (three poetry-videos, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, and Bob Holman) was, unquestionably, pioneering in its time. This was a good decade-and-more before the United States of Poetry, and the subsequent rise and development of now-ubiquitous video technology (a good two-decades-and-more before, even, the baby-steps of[…]
Helen Adam (1909-1993)
December 8, 2012
We’ve been featuring these past two weeks now, Allen in conversation with the balladeer, Helen Adam.  Here’s rare footage of her performing one of her own ballads, the classic (and hilarious!)  “Cheerless Junkie’s Song”  (from Ron Mann’s 1982 movie, Poetry In Motion) and here’s the audio from her June 1976 Naropa Institute[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 76
June 1, 2012
On The Road buzz continues. Here’s Kerouac scholar, Regina Weinreich (on the, of necessity, differences between the film and the book). And here’s Gerald Nicosia‘s response, and his assessment of Tom Sturridge‘s portrayal of Allen – “He showed the anger and vulnerability in the young Allen, as well as the power of[…]
Oo Bop Sh’bam At The Poetry Slam 1997
February 20, 2012
February 20, 1997, fifteeen years ago today, Allen gave what turned out to be his last public performance at the first-ever NYU (New York University) Poetry Slam – “Oo Bop Sh’bam/ At the poetry slam/Scream & yell/At the poetry ball/ Get in a rage/On the poetry stage…” (this poem, a little bit[…]
Allen Ginsberg reading “Personals Ad” – (ASV #24)
December 3, 2011
Bob Holman, Joshua Blum and Mark Pellington’s 1995 5-part t.v. series, the United States of Poetry presented and projected a pretty eclectic range (to show – citing Whitman’s famous term – the diversity of “these states”) – from ex-President Jimmy Carter to “rock n roll animal” Lou Reed (would that count as[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 30
June 24, 2011
This week’s big story? Well, that would have to be the “release”, on Wednesday, after 60 days of detention of noted Chinese dissident, Ai Weiwei (We’d draw your[…]