Meditation and Poetics – 11
November 26, 2014
AG:  What?  Did you…?  Student:  Yeah.  This is making me nervous, but I wanted to say how it was different from (Jack) Kerouac‘s sketching.  Like when you lose yourself, like when he[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 151
November 8, 2013
Allen Ginsberg – Bloodsong – (edited by James Grauerolz) – Italian paperback, published by il Saggiatore, 2013] Continuing from last week, (we can’t seem to leave it alone!) Kill Your Darlings (see earlier digests here and here) continues to garner reviews (mostly positive ones) – Michael O’Sullivan in The Washington Post takes[…]
Scraps & Gleanings – A Sunday Miscellany
November 3, 2013
It’s the Year of the Ginz! – didn’t you know it? – According to France’s Liberation – “Après l’année Kerouac, en 2012, c’est au tour d’Allen Ginsberg d’être honoré comme symbole d’une jeunesse en rébellion contre les mœurs de l’american dream puritain“. (Following the Year of Kerouac in 2012, it is the[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 150
November 1, 2013
Kill Your Darlings – We mentioned last week the dissenting position, eloquently voiced by Bob Rosenthal in his post from last February – here. – “The film takes its..title too seriously”, he wrote then. “The large fabrications in the film are[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 144
September 20, 2013
  “The film of the year”? – “The film of the year”? –  Well, obviously, we had to run this one! – Rebecca Cope, in Harpers Bazaar, on Kill Your Darlings.  Kill Your Darlings “buzz” continues to roll on, full pace. Here’s Timothy[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 119
March 29, 2013
[Harry Smith – Photograph by Allen Ginsberg – Copyright The Estate of Allen Ginsberg – Caption reads: “Harry Smith at kitchen table 437 East 12th Street. Apt 22, he lived in tiny quiet room off to the side of the kitchen, suffered compression fracture of knee, bumped by car on First Avenue[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 109
January 18, 2013
Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg. The long-awaited Kill Your Darlings opens at the Sundance Film Festival today. More on that in the days ahead. And more too on the adaptation of Kerouac’s Big Sur (also opening in the coming weeks at Sundance). Still with the movies, Chris Felver‘s documentary, Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth[…]
Fridays Weekly Round-Up – 22
April 22, 2011
Those Beat movies just keep on coming. Last week, we mentioned the film adaptation of The Beat Hotel. This week the hot news is that Kerouac’s Big Sur is being adapted as a movie. Not that it hasn’t already been. Curt Worden’s 2008[…]
Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar
November 4, 2009
As we’d mentioned last week in one of our posts, Death Cab for Cutie & Postal Service’s Ben Gibbard along with Son Volt’s Jay Farrar, teamed up to write twelve original tracks based on Kerouac’s words from his novel Big Sur, for the film One Fast Move or I’m Gone. If ya[…]