Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 361

Changes to our site you may have noticed.  Bear with us as we iron out a few more wrinkles..

Among the information freshly disseminated above, forthcoming autumn publications including Iron Curtain Journals: January-May 1965 edited by Michael Schumacher, tracking Allen’s most turbulent six months, his expulsion from Cuba, travels to Russia, Poland, Warsaw Ghetto, to Prague where he’s expelled by Czech police immediately after his May King crowning, only to land in London to meet the Beatles, film with Bob Dylan and host the The International Poetry Incarnation at the Royal Albert Hall.  We can’t wait for this one.

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Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 57

“Ginsberg’s voice defended us, exonerated us, and forgave us for the murders we committed for a government that acted like a godfather with an army of hit-men”. Vietnam Vet, Victor Claude Pirtle offers an impassioned defense of Allen’s Vietnam war ethic and argues for his continuing relevance, on the web-site FWB On Line.[regrettably, no longer available}
Still remembering the ‘Sixties and the “peace-niks”, Ed Sanders‘ most recent memoir, Fug You (full title “Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs, and Counterculture in the Lower East Side”) is, happily, now out. … Read More