Eric Mottram and Philip Whalen 1985 Naropa Reading
December 30, 2017
  Eric Mottram] A vintage Naropa reading from July 21 1985 in two parts for this weekend. Today, the first part, features Eric Mottram and Philip Whalen. Anne Waldman gives the introductions. Allen Ginsberg tomorrow. AW: We’re pleased to have Eric Mottram, Philip Whalen and Allen Ginsberg reading – and Eric and[…]
More Haiku Thinking
September 4, 2017
“Old pond/Frog jumps/kerplunk!” continuing from AG’s 1980 Naropa class – see here AG  It’s real interesting.  It got me onto noticing what was wrong with a lot of my haiku(s), and so I found that most of my haiku(s) just had, you know, a flash,[…]
Basho Revisited
August 11, 2015
    Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694) –  “Old pond/a frog jumps in/kerplunk” AG: Okay. There might be some…I finished that haiku, or the Basho haiku, which wound up to be – “Old pond/a frog jumps in/kerplunk”(It was “Old pond/frog jumps/kerplunk” but that doesn’t quite sound American – you could say “Old pond/a frog jumps[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 100 – Haiku and Trikaya
June 1, 2015
AG:  (I asked you to look at) forms and haiku structure. Does anybody remember that? – or did anybody notate (or make) notes on that? Student:  (I did and noticed…) AG: Louder! Student: (I did and noticed that there was writing specifically about something, and then..) AG: Then you noticed what? Student:[…]
Meditation and Poetics – 99 – Haiku 12 (Allen Ginsberg Haiku Class)
May 28, 2015
遠山が目玉にうつるとんぼ哉tôyama ga medama ni utsuru tombo kanaReflected In the eye of the dragonflyThe distant hills(Issa) Student: Allen?AG: YesStudent: ((The compound) eye of a dragonfly, (comprises) a thousand  facets,  you can’t (actually) get a reflection from it (as a singularity))AG: All dragonfly’s eyes are thousand-faceted?  Well, I don’t know what we’re going to do with that.[…]
Old Pond (A Tip of the Hat to Basho)
June 8, 2012
Remembering Basho (and remembering Allen’s discussion of haiku featured on this blog these past few days – Old Pond”, (originally appearing on the “First Blues” LP recording of 1983, and re-released in CD form, in 2006, on Water Records – please support the independent record companies and buy the CD!), with Allen[…]
Mind, Mouth and Page – 14 (Haiku continues)
June 7, 2012
“Picked up on a pilgrimage/ and put together/ the scarecrow” – “Harvest sparrows/ Shot by the arrow of the scarecrow/ they fell into the sea” (“Shot by the scarecrow’s arrow/ The harvest sparrows/ fell into the sea”) – “In this fleeting world/ the scarecrow also/ has eyes[…]
Mind, Mouth & Page – 13 (Introduction to Haiku)
June 6, 2012
  AG: Haiku is like a real brief snapshot, usually consisting of two images, unconnected, except by the mind of the reader and the writer. So it’s sort of like whatever generalization is made, is obvious in the little tiny poem itself, it doesn’t need a[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 32
July 8, 2011
The FBI files on the Yippies (released last week), poor xerox and continuing censorship notwithstanding, proved to be singularly under-whelming. That the FBI had Allen’s up-state Cherry Valley farm under surveillance, well, ok, we never knew that before, but it hardly comes as a surprise! – “Allen Ginsberg”, Albany reports (October 1968),[…]
Old Pond
December 9, 2009
Allen with Peter Orlovsky on banjo, Steven Taylor guitar and all singing Allen’s rendition of Basho’s “Frog” Haiku at the Nova Convention, NYC, 1978.[…]