Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 388
October 19, 2018
Andy Warhol’s photo archive  (consisting of 3,600 contact sheets and 130,000 images -“the most complete collection of the artist’s black-and-white photography ever made available to the public”)  was[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 384
September 21, 2018
Leonard Cohen‘s birthday today. He would have been 84.  We start the Weekly Round-Up today with a beautiful woodcut of him and Allen by George A Walker and this note from Cohencentric – Leonard Cohen Considered – “Leonard Cohen Meets Jack Kerouac at Allen Ginsberg’s Home” Our 2014 posting on Cohen (well[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 362
April 20, 2018
4/20 Cannabis Culture. Time to revisit Allen’s extraordinarily clear-headed (sic) and prescient 1966 Atlantic Monthly essay, “The Great Marijuana Hoax – First Manifesto to End The Bringdown” . And here’s some fun[…]
Allan and Allen’s Complaint
September 23, 2017
Another video from the Stanford Archives this weekend – Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kuboto’s 1982 experimental video  “Allan ‘n’ Allen’s Complaint” (the twin subjects are Allan Kaprow and Allen Ginsberg), both sons of patriarchal fathers. The film explores that complex relationship. “People are always talking about Jewish mother and nobody talks[…]
Quit Speed – Allen Ginsberg’s 1967 Plea to Peter Orlovsky
August 10, 2017
August 10 – Fifty years ago today. Allen in London, writing to his beloved, Peter (Orlovsky) in New York City, warning him, pleading with him, about amphetamines (“meth”) – “I’d rather be with you than without you. Stop meth, cool everything, come over here” Dear Peter, Irving (Rosenthal) wrote and Barbara (Rubin)[…]
Barbara Rubin (1945-1980)
March 31, 2014
[top image – Allen Ginsberg and Barbara Rubin together at the Albert Monument, outside the Royal Albert Hall, London, May 1965, on the occasion of the First International Poetry Incarnation – bottom image – Barbara Rubin filming in the streets of London – May 1965 – photo by Allen Ginsberg  c. The[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 108
January 11, 2013
Next Wednesday, January 16 in New York – Join Allen Ginsberg’s friends, collaborators, relatives and co-conspirators – Lou Reed, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, Ambrose Bye, CA Conrad, Andy Clausen, David Amram, the Arthur Russell tribute band, Arthur’s Landing, & others for “a night of poetry and song” in one of the quintessential[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 105
December 21, 2012
December 21 – Today’s the day for the official U.S. “On The Road” opening. Walter Salles’ film has already been playing (in various versions) in Europe (and elsewhere) for some time now. (See earlier posts about it here and here and here) but today – Winter Solstice – it officially hits the[…]
Gordon Ball’s Cherry Valley
January 16, 2012
East Hill Farm is out. Wanting to spread word on Gordon Ball‘s new book.  From the publisher’s blurb: “During the late 1960s, when peace,[…]
The Orlovsky Brothers
March 4, 2010
Happened to catch these on Gary Parrish’s excellent Farfalla Press blog. Peter’s “Good F*ck with Denise” has enough expletives in it that no doubt You Tube will yank it soon, so catch it while you can! – Julius Orlovsky is represented by just a short[…]