Friday’s Weekly Round-Up -346

[Allen Ginsberg in the studio, recording William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience”]

Amanda Petrusich, writing in The New Yorker

“The membrane between poetry and“song,” as we think of it in 2017, has always been flimsy and permeable; once all poems were songs. Ginsberg’s weird, wobbly singing [in “The Complete Songs of Innocence and Experience” CD] is sometimes dissonant, but it gets at something essential to Blake’s work. It’s as good a narration of the phases of a life as I can think of..”

Might we recommend, as a holiday gift, this holiday…?

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Remembering Arthur Miller (1915-2005)


[William H. Gass, Allen Ginsberg, and Arthur Miller in an elevator in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1985, (in the apartment building where Fyodor Dostoevsky once lived) – The three  were part of a delegation of American witers who made a tour of the Soviet Union that year. The  delegation also included Susan Sontag, Harrison Salisbury and Louis Auchincloss.]
You all know Arthur Miller? – Death of A Salesman? The Crucible? – Marilyn’s guy! – he was born 96 years ago today. He was, aside from being a pre-eminent playwright, a tireless … Read More