Jack Collom (1931-2017)
July 2, 2017
Following the death of Larry Fagin, news reaches us this morning of the death of another of the great Naropa poet-teachers, Jack Collom. When Allen and Anne Waldman set up the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in 1974 in Boulder, Colorado, Colorado already had one distinctive inventive joyful maverick poet at[…]
Anselm Hollo – The Tortoise of History
September 1, 2016
So pleased to announce this – a posthumous volume of poems by Anselm Hollo  “In this posthumous collection, avant-garde poet Anselm Hollo displays his spare, sly lyrical greatness. The poems are fragmentary, with echoes of William Carlos Williams, finding pathways between the ancient Greece and Wild Bill Hickock – both the American and the European[…]
Anselm Hollo on Some Modern Poets Fragmentation
September 20, 2015
Anselm Hollo on Modern Fragmentation   June 25 1986 Continuing his remarks on fragmentation, poet-translator, Anselm Hollo looks at the concept in the work of seven of his contemporaries – Armand Schwerner, Ronald Johnson, Tom Phillips, Ted Berrigan, Larry Eigner, Tom Raworth, and Philip Whalen  AH: I sort of went through my tattered[…]
Anselm Hollo on Fragments
September 19, 2015
  Sappho, fragments of  poems, Graeco-Roman Egypt, 2nd Century AD, in the collection of the Bodleian Library, Oxford   Anselm Hollo (1934-2013) teaching at Naropa The following is a transcription of a class, given on June 25 1986, at Naropa, by the late much-missed poet-translator, polymath  Anselm Hollo, nominally on “The Greek[…]
Gregory Corso Interviews
August 1, 2015
Another of the summer’s essential books (we’re only just now getting round to profiling it Rick Schober‘s stellar collection of the Collected Interviews with Gregory Corso over a dozen pieces, plus an illuminating memoir-introduction by Dick Brukenfeld, (Corso’s first publisher, of the 1955 Harvard volume, The Vestal Lady on Brattle), plus footnotes,[…]
Carl Rakosi
November 6, 2014
– Photograph by Gloria Graham]   Two introductions by Allen Ginsberg and one by Anselm Hollo to readings by Carl Rakosi (who shares the same birthday as the compiler of these notes) and who lived to be a spry one hundred. He would have been one hundred-and-eleven today! Allen Ginsberg’s[…]
Cross Worlds
September 18, 2014
  “Transcultural Poetics”, global action, cross-cultural activity, is something we’re very much in support of here. Transcultural Poetics, the new anthology from Coffee House Press, drawing from the wealth of material available in the archives of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa is thus a timely, welcome and inspiring[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 152
November 15, 2013
Jean Jacques Lebel’s Beat exhibit (extended in Metz) now comes to Budapest, Hungary, to the Ludwig Contemporary Art Museum (it opened just last week, and will run there until January 12). Here‘s a variety of Hungarian artists, in individual videos, extolling the Beat ethos (it’s all in Hungarian, but for those of[…]
Announcing Naropa University’s Digital Archive
June 1, 2013
THE NAROPA UNIVERSITY DIGITAL ARCHIVE  Great news! Naropa’s extraordinary audio archive (hitherto hosted as part of the estimableInternet Archive) has now been upgraded, refurbished and newly-hosted by Naropa University– The JKS (Jack Kerouac School) audio collection (part of a wider collection held by the university) is now available and ready for on-line[…]
Friday Weekly Round-Up – 128 (Whitman’s Birthday)
May 31, 2013
Whitman’s birthday today!  (for Whitman-birthday celebration on The Allen Ginsberg Project see here and here) and Allen’s birthday beckons!  (Monday June 3rd) Howl Festival celebrations open tonight in New York, (inaugurated, as usual, with the regular“group-reading” of[…]