Jack Kerouac Summer Writing Program 2013

Waldman WTB

The NAROPA SWP (Summer Writing Program) begins today.  The theme this year is “Symbiosis” – “Symbiosis is our rallying anthem for the summer of 2013, as poets and writers and thinkers and printers and translators and performers make their art with an awareness of the interconnected sym-together-biosis-living of different biological species. By extending the metaphor, we look at the mutualistic relationship of our own imaginations”, their web-page boldly declares.  “The Summer Writing Program is a four-week-long convocation of students, poets, fiction writers, scholars, translators, performance artists, activists, Buddhist teachers, musicians, printers, editors, and others working in small press publishing. Programming

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Spontaneous Poetics – 91


[The List Poem by Larry Fagin (2000, from Teachers & Writers Collaborative) – cover design by Trevor Winkfield]

Student:  I feel I have to defend myself against (you and) the rest of the class

Allen Ginsberg: Do you have a “self” to defend? – okay, if you insist on having a “self”

Student: Well you said (my comparison with set theory wasn’t so helpful) but why I said that was, that if the members don’t interact, then that means that, just like in a sentence, that means there’s no articulation, (group consciousness) is not being put … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 90 (Ted Berrigan Defends Anne Waldman)

 [Anne Waldman & Ted Berrigan – Photograph by  Gerard Malanga – Copyright The Photographer]

Ted Berrigan:  Are you making a criticism (of Anne Waldman) on those grounds (set theory, mathematics)?

Allen Ginsberg: Pardon me?

TB: Is he (one of the students) making a criticism (of Anne) on that grounds?

AG: I don’t know.  I think so, yeah

TB: I want you to tell me. I’d like to know who he is.

AG: I’m making a criticism. I’m criticizing Anne’s later poems.

TB: But you’re making it on different grounds, Allen (and your grounds are not valid either), but … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 89 (Allen Ginsberg on Anne Waldman)

[Anne Waldman – Photograph by Greg Fuchs via AnneWaldman.org]

Student: A lot of Anne (Waldman)’s poems are that way (oracular, rhapsodic) like “Musical Garden”, a breath of fresh air. They can pick you up and just…

AG: Yeah

Student : ..stanza after stanza, ( with a hook line) – “Can’t give you up”

AG: Yeah

Student: The “Pressure” poem

Student: That’s not all one line, is it?

AG: No, these are separate lines. Same principle, though – a repeated refrain.. The thing is “Pressure” is.. as distinct from other poems of Anne’s.. “Pressure”.. was the first of her magnificent … Read More

Allen Ginsberg and Philip Whalen 1975 Naropa Reading

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Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Diane di Prima Reading Naropa 1974

[Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman ]

Another vintage Naropa audio, following on from this and this. This, arguably the earliest – from 1974 – Allen, Anne Waldman and Diane di Prima at the nascent Naropa Institute, July 30, 1974 – in two parts.
“Can you hear in the back? – Raise your hands if you cannot.”
First part: After introductory remarks, the reading-order and format is established. Anne Waldman: “I’m going to start, and then Allen will read and then Diane, and then I think we’ll have a short break, and then we’ll go round quickly again. First set … Read More

More Vintage Audio – Summer 1976 – Naropa Benefit Reading

naropa institute

Another Summer 1976 Naropa poetry reading (following on from here and here). This one took place at the very end of Summer (September 13, to be precise) and was a benefit for the then still-to-be-fully-established Institute – “A reading and musical performance by Allen Ginsberg, Peter Rowan, Michael Brownstein, Philip Whalen, Peter Orlovsky and Anne Waldman“ The tape begins, approximately six seconds in, with mantric chanting (Allen’s harmonium, and flute and mandolin evident in the background) for the first five minutes, setting the stage – AG: “Jeremy here? Jeremy? Is there anything that should be said as … Read More

Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Chogyam Trungpa & William Burroughs Reading, Boulder, 1976

Last weekend’s 1976 Ginsberg-McClure reading was warmly received. Here’s another one, again recorded at Naropa in 1976, (a couple of months later), and featuring, in addition to Allen, Anne Waldman, Chogyam Trungpa (English translations read by David Rome) and – William S Burroughs! Philip Whalen provides the spare but informative introductions. The tape begins with him introducing Allen (some amusement from the audience – it’s early days -when he announces Allen’s been singing)

PW: Mr Allen Ginsberg’s latest book is called First Blues, a lot of which is in the process right now of being recorded with … Read More

Allen Ginsberg & Michael McClure – 1976 Naropa “Retrospective” Reading


[Allen Ginsberg & Michael McClure, circa 1965. Photographer unknown]

We’ve been featuring of late transcription from Allen’s 1976 summer-session teaching at Naropa Institute – Spontaneous Poetics. Alongside of that (and alongside all the other classes) there was also a lively reading-series at Naropa that year (which Allen actively participated in), perhaps the highlight of which was his own June 16 reading with Michael McClure (the introduction is by Anne Waldman).

Courtesy the remarkable Internet Archive, we have the audio (in two segments) of this unique collaborative event. The poets decided, rather than having two distinct sets, … Read More

A Mix Tape/Allen Ginsberg Dancing