Peter Orlovsky Memorial – Wednesday September 22, 2010, St. Mark’s Church

Dated material: There will be a memorial reading for poet, Peter Orlovsky on Wednesday, September 22,  (2010) 8pm. St. Mark’s Church. 10th St at 2nd Ave, NYC. The event is free.

Peter Orlovsky (July 8,1933-May 30, 2010) Poet, singer, farmer, yodeler, banjo-picker, Buddhist practitioner, Allen Ginsberg’s lifelong-companion, Kerouac’s Simon Darlovsky in Desolation Angels & George in The Dharma Bums, the generous & wonderfully whimsical Peter Orlovsky, was an unforgettable & hugely colorful presence in the East Village, and in and around the Poetry Project.

Please join us in a night of music, video, song and poetry, as some of his … Read More

Beat Generator


[“Beat Generator” – Photo by Christopher Dombres – Creative Commons Attribution License.]

Stumbled across this nifty ‘Beat Generator’ image in Washington City Paper’s Weekend Arts Round-Up coverage of last weekends goings-on in DC. They also had an interview with Anne Waldman as she walked through the National Gallery’s “Beat Memories” exhibition [this interview with Jesse Rausch is now no longer available on-line but photos from the occasion, by Chris Svetlik, may be seen here].  She (Anne) was in the capital to read “Howl”, backed by a string-quartet performing Lee Hyla’s score for the poem. There’s a three-minute clip … Read More

Summer Plans? Howabout Harold Chapman, Brion Gysin, Anne Waldman and Kyp Malone

Harold Chapman @ Proud Galleries, Chelsea, London July 29-August 29

[Ian Sommerville, Montparnasse, 1960. c.Harold Chapman]

[Peter Orlovsky & Allen Ginsberg, their room at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur, Paris December 1957. c. Harold Chapman]

Harold Chapman‘s got an exhibition opening next week, July 29, at London’s Chelsea  Proud Gallery , and it’ll be up for the month of August. Chapman documented the Beat Hotel more thoroughly than anybody else, and tho’ he’s had a few books in print, they’re hard to find. Here’s chance to get the full scope of his work. The Independent‘s Rob Sharp gives him and … Read More

Fare-thee-well, dear Peter (Peter Orlovsky (1933-2010)

[Peter Orlovsky, Clean Asshole Poems and Smiling Vegetable Songs, Northern Lights Edition, Orono ME, 1993. Cover image: Elsa Dorfman]

Snail Poem

Make my grave shape of heart so like a flower be free aired and handsome felt. Grave root pillow, tung up from grave & wigle at blown up clowd. Ear turnes close to underlayer of green felt moss & sound of rain dribble thru this layer down to the roots that will tickle my ear. Hay grave, my toes need cutting so file away in sound curve or Garbage grave, way above my head, blood will soon trickle … Read More

The Beats at Naropa. Edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright


[The Beats at Naropa, edited by Laura Wright & Anne Waldman. Coffee House Press, 2009]

Anne Waldman & Laura Wright’s The Beats at Naropa has been on the shelves for almost a year now, but since we just recently got our hands on Marc Olmsted’s review of the book, it’s more than worth mentioning again, alongside Marc’s, thorough, entertaining, and anecdotal walk through the book, that gives us a little background on Naropa as well.

The cover photo says it all. It’s 1975. There’s Allen Ginsberg with Bell’s Palsy after an allergic reaction to antibiotics – half his face … Read More

Gordon Ball

[Gordon Ball – photo: Dave Hess]

Gordon Ball was a filmmaker friend of Jonas Mekas when Allen & Gordon first met in the mid 1960s, and it wasn’t long before Gordon and his girlfriend Candy O’Brien were completely ensconced in managing Allen’s Cherry Valley farm (no easy task considering the colorful cast attracted to the place!) By the early ’70s Ball edited & published the now out-of-print Allen Verbatim, the result of recordings and notes he made while touring with Allen. From then on he became editor of most of Allen’s published Journals, beginning with Journals Early Fifties Early Read More

Red Noir: Anne Waldman, Judith Malina & the Living Theatre


On December tenth, The Living Theatre will open a new – and bold – production: Red Noir. The play is written by poet Anne Waldman and directed by Judith Malina herself.


Red Noir
Greedy hands close a black market deal… A glamorous detective pursues a corporate agent with a valise containing danger… A rogue lab technician follows them with a valise containing hope… A chorus of anarchists brings sanity and peace to a world of strife and struggle…Red Noir was derived by poet Anne Waldman from the metaphors of film noir… it’s a drama of technology, erotics, and politics.An
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The Poetry Project/School of Visual Arts/NYU & Columbia University Present: Naked Lunch @ 50

Three New York locations this week celebrating the 50th anniversary of William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch 

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-11-31-25-amWednesday October 7- Saturday October 10

School of Visual Arts (SVA), in conjunction with Columbia University and New York University (NYU), are presenting a series of free events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Naked Lunch, with Screenings, talks and readings at all locations. Check the SVA website for complete schedule & list of guests, which will include poet Michael McClure, Burroughs scholar Oliver Harris (editor Yage Letters Redux, The Letters of William Burroughs 1945-1959) , Barry Miles (The Beat Hotel), Regina … Read More

The Beats At Naropa Edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright. Coffee House Press

I know we seem a bit biased towards things Naropa around here. Anything even remotely associated and we drop everything else and write up a storm. So here we go again, but it really is relevant, after all, the Writing in Poetics department was Allen’s baby, and we are all genuinely excited, especially about this one collection of lectures that Anne Waldman and Laura Wright have been working on for quite some time. For a table of contents, check Amazon dot com, while the Coffee House Press site offer other appetizers to fill you in. And, of course, there’s … Read More

Naropa Poetics Audio Archives

[photo: Robert Duncan, Anne Waldman, unknown, Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Boulder CO, 1976. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

This is probably as good a time as any to plug the Naropa Poetics Audio Archives. One by one their archive department has been digitizing their recorded lectures, readings and panels, and making them available to all via With over 5000 hours of materiel, it’s an embarrassment of riches too long to list here, but they include lectures and readings by among others Amiri Baraka, Gregory Corso, Philip Whalen, Robert Creeley, William Burroughs, Joanne Kyger, Harry Smith,Read More