Andrew Marvell – The Garden – 2
January 30, 2018
Allen Ginsberg continuing – on Andrew Marvell’s “The Garden” “How vainly men themselves amaze/To win the palm, the oak, or bays,/And their incessant labours see/Crown’d from some single herb or tree,Whose short and narrow verged shade/Does prudently their toils upbraid;/While all flow’rs and all trees do close/To weave the garlands of repose.”[…]
Andrew Marvell – The Garden – 1
January 29, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on Andrew Marvell continuing from here  AG: Okay, move on now to “The Garden”, on page three seven four. .And “The Garden” is considered by many people to be the[…]
Marvell – (The Mower To The Glow-Worms)
January 24, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on Andrew Marvell –  continues AG: Well then there’s more here. I would like to do “The Definition of Love” but I want to move on to “The Mower To the Glow-Worms ,(it’s a little tiny lyric), because it’s so pretty. And the ear’s so pretty in this too –[…]
Marvell – (To His Coy Mistress)
January 22, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on Andrew Marvell continuing from here AG: So his “The Dialogue Between Soul and Body” is fine and “The Nymph Complaining for the Death of Her Fawn” is long but fine. Then you get to his “(To His) Coy Mistress.”  Is (there) anybody know that poem? And[…]
Andrew Marvell – (The Bermudas)
January 10, 2018
AG: Now Marvell is really a marvel. Andrew Marvell is really a great lyricist, and in some of the poems that we’ll pick up on now he’s written perhaps some of the best  (some) of the best lines in the English language (including Shakespeare, or up with[…]
Andrew Marvell (via John Aubery)
January 8, 2018
Allen Ginsberg, in 1980, on “Basic Poetics” continues from here AG: Well, getting on now to more serious matters, Andy Marvell – Andrew Marvell – a little history on him – from John Aubery, who was a contemporary, slightly later, who wrote Lives of the Poets  (sic) has a[…]
Abraham Cowley – (“The Wish”)
December 27, 2017
AG:  Now, next we get to (Abraham)  Cowley , below, (page) three-sixty,  And the reason Cowley gets interesting is , finally, for the first time, the horrific City. enters in (as it will get increasingly, prophetically, apparent entering into the poetry.. (William) Blake will, pretty soon, (be) talking about.the[…]
Sir John Suckling – 1
December 6, 2017
Allen’s 1980 Naropa class on Basic Poetics continues AG: Let’s start in the anthology with Sir John Suckling  (page three forty-nine),  with the poem called “Song”, which my father used to stomp around the house and recite when he was  teaching it in high school all the time  because[…]
Spontaneous Poetics – 37 (Reading List 8) – (Robert Duncan, Andrew Marvell)
February 18, 2013
AG:  (Regarding Robert Duncan) – “A Poem Beginning with A Line by Pindar” (in) and (indeed, the whole book) “The Opening of the Field” is quite beautiful. His comments on Walt Whitman in that are very tearful [“It is across great scars of wrong/ I reach towards the song of kindred men/[…]