Studs Terkel Interviews Allen Ginsberg, 1976 – part one

[Studs Terkel (1912-2008)]

We’ve already featured the classic 1959 Studs Terkel  WFMT radio interview with Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Gregory Corso in seven sections – here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We also featured Allen and Philip Glass on Studs Terkel’s show in 1990 – here and here

We’ll be featuring, in the coming weeks, a third, a 1975 session with Allen and William Burroughs

but, first, this weekend, this, (courtesy George Drury and the remarkable trove which is the Studs Terkel Radio Archive) – Allen Ginsberg’s interview … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 4 – (Drugs – 1)

AG: Then, later on, I got into writing pop songs. So the fruition of this is “CIA Dope Calypso”  (which will be coming out on Columbia Records this Fall) [1977] – [Allen then plays, in its entirety, his recording of “CIA Dope Calypso” – “In Nineteen Hundred And Forty Nine/China was won by Mao Tse TungChiang Kai-shek‘s army ran away/And they’re waiting there in Thailand today/ Supported by the CIA/ Pushing Junk down Thailand way…”] – Well, actually that’s a product of a collaboration with Ed (Sanders) over a long period of time, a mutual exchange of … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics – 73 (Universal and Particular)

[William Blake – Albion Rose from “A Large Book of Designs” (1793-6)]

“..everyone has language moving within them, everybody has secret thoughts and direct, absolute, perceptions, big as any Buddha. It’s simply that the mind becomes limited to thinking that the proper mode of discourse, or the form that is socially appreciable, is “Jack and Jill went up the hill..”

AG: So, from this point of view, everyone is, as (William) Blake says), a vast world of thought-forms, everybody’s a poet, that is, everybody has a consciousness, a Buddha-mind, everyone has a Buddha-nature, everyone has all the insights of

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