Pattern Poems – 1

AG: And then we have George Herbert  (that we got to.. ) [Allen begins searching in. the anthology] –  (now) where does he begin? – he begins after  (Henry) King... )  – “Easter Wings” – and, the Easter Wings, I guess you know  (or do you?)  that Dylan Thomas wrote things like that? – your friend, Dylan Thomas? – He wrote diamonds  [diamond-shaped poems]. He has..  Dylan Thomas has a series of poems that look like that – ever seen them? – and then, (like “Easter Wings”) – he was actually imitating Herbert – he also had … Read More

Sapphics continued – (Tennyson)



Alfred, Lord Tennyson ( 1809-1892)- Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron

Allen continues with his survey of Sapphics, going through further pages of his xerox-compiled classroom anthology  AG:  [to another late-comer] – You can take one of those that says “Sapphic anthology, two bucks”…and then the bag.. not two bucks for one paper.. And we’re about two thirds down the…(Edmund) Spenser… Okay, We’re on that Spenser page? – Sidney? – (the) (Philip) Sidney and the (Walter) Raleigh? Ok? – So we read those, then I read you aloud Raleigh’s notes on Quantitative Verse. So … Read More