Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 362
April 20, 2018
4/20 Cannabis Culture. Time to revisit Allen’s extraordinarily clear-headed (sic) and prescient 1966 Atlantic Monthly essay, “The Great Marijuana Hoax – First Manifesto to End The Bringdown” . And here’s some fun[…]
Buddhism and The Beats (Ginsberg 1993 – Q & A)
July 22, 2017
Following on from last week’s “Buddhists and The Beats” video -the Q & A, the final segment. Do we have time for questions.? AG: Yes, sure Q: You said that your poetry is a practice as well, you meditate every day? do you use poetry as a practice? AG: It’s[…]
Oscar Janiger
August 14, 2011
Oscar Janiger (1918-2001) – Photograph by Michael Sierchio Ten years ago today, Allen’s cousin, Oscar Janiger, the beloved “Oz”, passed away (or, rather, re-entered cosmic infinity). A remarkable man. Here’s his AP obituary: “Torrance, California – Psychiatrist Oscar Janiger, an early advocate of psychedelic drugs, who was credited with turning on Cary[…]