Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 291

The big news today. Upcoming on the Ginsberg site, we’re working on a number of upgrades and changes. Stay tuned (and bear with us as we iron out all of the issues of transition). Starting next week, we’ll no longer be with blogger, the blog will be accessible, instead, via a newly-vamped and considerably-improved site. We anticipate a few problems vis a vis access to some of the older posts (the archives), but, don’t worry, we’re on the case with this and we’ll have everything back up, accessible and better-than-ever, before too long.… Read More

Allen and Louis Ginsberg – Alan Ziegler’s 1976 Visit



 We were intending to run (re-run) this – Alan Ziegler‘s extraordinary account of visiting with Allen, and  Louis, shortly before his father’s death, (first published in The Village Voice in July of 1976), but were “pipped at the post” (not that there’s any competition involved) by our good friends at the estimable Best American Poetry blog. We trust there’s no harm in the duplication/dissemination.  

Ziegler begins his account with a brief (2015) introduction, followed by (unchanged, save for the correcting of “a few typos”) the full “4,500 word article”.  My Visit with Allen Ginsberg and

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