Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 296


[“No One is Illegal” – Ai Weiwei – Photo: Rohit Chawla]


[“Laundromat” – Ai Weiwei installation, currently on show at Jeffrey Deitch Projects, New York, through to December 23, 2016. Photo: Bobby Doherty]

Ai Weiwei – His current exhibition at New York’s Jeffrey Deitch Projects  – “Laundromat” – One of the aspects, included in the exhibition, one of its inspirations, in fact, is the Allen Ginsberg poem, “September on Jessore Road”.  Weiwei explains:

“Allen is an old friend of mine. He has always had a strong compassion for those in need of help. With the … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 62

[Anton Corbijn – Allen Ginsberg, New York, 1996 – photo; Antn Corbijn]

Barney Rosset’s passing, on Tuesday, continues to seem like a watershed moment in the history, certainly in America, of literary censorship (see our posting here and Rosset’s New York Times obituary here). Louisa Thomas’ 2008 Newsweek profile of him can be found here and Loren Glass’s two-part piece for the Los Angeles Review of Books here.and here

Emeritus professor at the University of Massachusetts, Jules Chametzky, in Jewish Currents, honors Allen as a “pioneering poet and activist”, and concludes with a personal testament, saluting (his) … Read More

Friday’s Weekly Round-Up 36

The Asia Society’s panel discussion to compliment their photo-exhibition – Ai Weiwei: New York Photographs 1983-1993, featured, alongside curator John Tancock and art historian Joan Lebold Cohen, two Ginsberg associates – Bob Rosenthal and Steven Taylor. Both speak eloquently on the subject of New York’s East Village in the ‘80’s, and give fond first-hand recollections/memories of Allen.

And from the West Coast (San Francisco), here’s some photographs and notes from the recent Howl reading at the Cartoon Art Museum

Levi Asher, another Allen Ginsberg Project friend (and long-time Beat cyber-presence) has just released his Literary Kicks

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Ai Weiwei at Asia Society, New York City

[Robert Frank & Allen Ginsberg. 1989 – photo; Ai Weiwei –  Inkjet on Fantac Innova Ultra Smooth Gloss. Printed on 20 x 24-inch paper. Courtesy of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Chambers Fine Art.]

More Ai Weiwei news. All four of his associates (reported on last week) have now officially been freed – Wen Tao, Hu Mingfen, Liu Zhenggang and Zhang Jinsong. All four, like Ai, still face significant charges. Ai has been slapped with a $1.85 million tax bill (5 million yuan in back taxes and 7 million yuan in fines). He plans to challenge this.… Read More