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Vachel Lindsay
December 5, 2022
Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931) To Lindsay Vachel, the stars are out dusk has fallen on the Colorado road a car crawls slowly across the plain In the dim light the radio blares its jazz the heartbroken salesman lights another cigarette In another city 27 years ago I see your shadow on the wall You’re sitting in […]
Allen Ginsberg in Louisville, 1992
December 4, 2022
We’re immensely grateful to Ron Whitehead and  Storm Generation Films for putting up on You Tube last month, three remarkable recordings – vintage performances in Louisville, Kentucky by Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Diane Di Prima.. We’ll feature the 1992 Ginsberg today.  Allen, it should be noted, is unusually expansive in the introductions to several […]
Mary Norbert Korte (1934-2022)
December 3, 2022
Mary Norbert Korte (1934-2022) We might be at the risk of turning this into a Thana-blog..  But we would be amiss if we didn’t note the passing, last month, at age 88, of Mary Norbert Korte, “Beat Nun” – or, more accurately, long-time Beat ex-nun – poet, teacher, environmental activist. Paul Nelson has an illuminating […]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 492
December 2, 2022
Beat Scene, a long-time essential in the Beat eco-system (#105, the most recent edition – and that doesn’t include the countless chapbooks), seems a good way to start this weekend’s Round-Up – Editor Kevin Ring recalls a passing encounter: ‘He (Allen) was always very friendly and supportive over the years. Used to send him copies […]
American Beat (Ginsberg-DiPrima-Burroughs)
December 1, 2022
Here’s one, an old one but a recent discovery, a radio-program from the 1970’s, produced by Naropa,  “American Beat”, featuring readings by Allen, Diane di Prima and William Burroughs Listen to it in its entirety – here  It features also Anne Waldman‘s introduction, a loving litany to Allen: “Allen Ginsberg – diamond-tongued warrior and statesman, Allen […]
Kathy Acker
November 30, 2022
Kathy Acker (1947-1997) – photograph by Allen Ginsberg. Copyright – Allen Ginsberg Estate – caption – “Kathy Acker in Green Room, Detroit Institute of the Arts, one night February 1985 we read together with Diane Di Prima – she writes violent sexual feminist narratives, parody of imaginative love-torture novels, lives in London, first published chapters […]
On Mexico City Blues (46th Chorus)
November 29, 2022
Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues continues from here AG:  The next one is … there’s one footnote.  46th Chorus. ” I had a dream that Bill..” – (Bill Garver) – “I had a dream that Bill/ G. here, was lying on his bed/ talking to me in a room/ in Mexico City on a/ horrible afternoon, […]
William Blake’s Birthday – 1
November 28, 2022
William Blake (1757-1827), watercolor portrait by John Linnell, from the collection in the National Portrait Gallery, London On the occasion of William Blake‘s birthday, here‘s a recording of Allen (and Steven Taylor) at Naropa in July 10, 1989, reading from and performing some of William Blake’s poems from”Songs of Innocence and Experience“, in a classroom […]
William Blake’s Birthday – 2
November 28, 2022
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues from here Full audio available here (continuing approximately fifteen minutes in) AG:  So, next is “Tyger”. Anybody can play percussion?  Anybody? (to Steven) (you can play percussion on your mandolin?) – boom-boom boom-boom ba-boop – yeah – want the words?…It’s heartbeat – boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom. –  (Allen sounds out […]
Harry Smith
November 27, 2022
Harry Smith (1923-1991) – photo via Eric (Flckr) Legendary polymath, Harry Smith died on this day, 1991. On Tuesday, Semiotexte will be releasing a revised and  expanded version of Paola Igliori‘s classic anthology  American Magus “Five years after Smith’s death, the poet Paola Igliori began conducting intimate interviews with the filmmakers, musicians, poets, and artists who […]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 491
November 25, 2022
Bernadette Mayer (1945-2022) Bernadette Mayer‘s passing on Tuesday.  We morn the loss of an extraordinary poet. Here are a few early notices and obituaries: from The New York Public Library from  Artforum from PennSound more to come Here’s Bernadette in 2019 at the Harvard Woodberry Poetry Room Oral History Initiative Here’s Bernadette Mayer’s list of […]
Bernadette Mayer (1945-2022)
November 23, 2022
Bernadette Mayer – photo by Max Warsh Sad news to have to impart, the death of a beloved poet, word-master and word-mistress, Bernadette Mayer, who, at aged 77,  passed away peacefully in her home last night.   A huge loss. Our deepest sympathies go out to her family (who were there with her) and to her […]
On Mexico City Blues. (45th Chorus)
November 23, 2022
Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues continues from here AG: And now commenting on the sounds – the little Shakespearean run in the 45th Chorus – “Euphonism, a softening of sounds/Euphemism, a softened word-/  One is sonic, one is human…” – (“One is sonic” – Euphonism is like that) – “Gazers/ in mock Roman/Arabian Kimonos” is euphonism that […]
On Mexico City Blues (44th Chorus – 2)
November 22, 2022
“To Indicate by Moon Magic/ Constellative Stardom..” (Jack Kerouac) Allen Ginsberg continues his analysis of Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues  44th Chorus from here AG:  So,  “Aurorum’s showed his Mountain/Top/ Of Eastern be Western morning” – (“Aurorum” is the dawn – the sun) – ” Aurorum’s showed his Mountain/ Top/ Of Eastern be Western” – (East by West or “Eastern […]
On Mexico City Blues (44th Chorus)
November 21, 2022
Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues continues from here  AG: And this one he thought was – 44th Chorus, coming up – the end of it he liked as being the equivalent to the great Shakespearean run-on lines or improvisational lines of Shakespeare – just the pure sound of it. “Waves of cantos” […]