“French Revolution” – 1
November 19, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s poem “The French Revolution”, continues AG: Okay, now to the poem.  So you get the idea.  ((S. Foster Damon) also says (that) Blake had to make up the details of Louis’s council[…]
“Who Will Take Over The Universe?”
November 12, 2018
Allen Ginsberg continues on the influence of Blake’s “The French Revolution” on his poetry  AG:  Another version, a couple of years later, directly inspired by the (William Blake’s) “French Revolution”, is the first poem[…]
Death to Van Gogh’s Ear – 2 (Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and Charlie Chaplin)
November 8, 2018
continuing from here  AG: “Einstein alive was mocked for his heavenly politics.”  – (At the end of his life Einstein got worried about the atom bomb and tried to get into politics quite heavily (with) celestial notions of the dangers.  And immediately Time magazine and the wits of the newspapers of the[…]
Death to Van Gogh’s Ear – 1
November 7, 2018
Allen Ginsberg, Naropa, 1979, continuing AG: What I’m trying to say (is that this is) a modern application of similar exaggeration or hyperbole, as I found it. (It is in a) Paris text, (written in) 1958, (while) reading this particular (poem)[…]
more Blake – (“Epic Simile”)
November 6, 2018
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues AG: Everybody notices (Blake’s) “From my window I see the old mountains of France, like aged men, fading away,” and (Harold) Bloom refers to this as an epic[…]
Since When – Bill Berkson
November 1, 2018
from Bill Berkson‘s book of memoirs and appraisals, Since When, just out this week from Coffee House Press, in Minneapolis, and unequivocally recommended. on Allen Ginsberg “…It took me almost thirty years to relax about being in the same room with this poet, whose close-up stare in Harry Redl’s photograph I had.[…]
Ezra Pound
October 30, 2018
Ezra Pound’s birthday today. Pound was born 30th October, 1885 in Hailey. Idaho (and died November 1st. 1972 in Venice, Italy) “This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound”  as one of his biographers Eustace Mullins (himself a similarly[…]
more Blake – (The French Revolution)
October 29, 2018
AG: Now, on to The French Revolution.  Let’s see here.  Before we go any further, since here is a situation where Blake is trying to write history, he’s become completely human.. So here’s a picture of Blake in actual history, if you can pass it around – his life-mask from the British[…]
more Blake – (“On Anothers Sorrow”)
October 25, 2018
“On Anothers Sorrow“:  Let’s see.  I haven’t sung this in a long time.  “On Anothers Sorrow”.  I like this particular poem a great deal.  I like the repeated rhymes.  When I was a kid this was one of the rhymes that stuck in my head most of all.  One of the rhythmic[…]
more Blake – (“A Dream”)
October 24, 2018
AG:  So, “A Dream”, next, page sixteen. I always thought this one particularly as a piece of the bodhisattva notion, or the prophetic faculty of the poet or the bodhisattva notion of the wakened mind; that is that you take care of the others first:  I put a chorus on this, just[…]