Memorial Day – Harry Smith’s Birthday

Harry Smith‘s birthday today, born in Portland, Oregon, May 29, 1923.

Allen certainly admired, and took a great many pictures of Harry (more indeed than almost any other subject).  Here is just a sampling of a few of them, various locations, but mostly in Allen’s kitchen, East 12th Street NYC, 1984-1989.

See also other Harry Smith Birthday postings on the Allen Ginsberg Project –  here, here, here, and here. Also, for example, here and here. 

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A Portfolio of Lawrence Ferlinghetti

{Lawrence Ferlinghetti, aged 22, 1941, University of North Carolina yearbook]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, during World War II. Normandy Invasion, 1945]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, on the announcement  of the Howl Trial Verdict, October 3, 1957]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti -Photograph by Harry Redl, 1958]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in City Lights Bookstore  1959, (aged 40)]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1960]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti in London, 1965]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, book-jacket – An Eye on The World, 1967]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti – Photograph by Ilka Hartman. c.1971]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti – Photograph by Ilka Hartman. c.1971]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, c.1982 – Photograph by Chris Felver]

[Lawrence Ferlinghetti, c.1982 – Photograph by Chris Felver]

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Jack Kerouac’s Birthday


[Jack Kerouac at Horace Mann School, New York c.1940]

It’s Jack Kerouac‘s birthday today.   Happy Birthday, Jack!

[Jack Kerouac – Naval Reserve Enlistment, 1943]

[Kerouac in the Merchant Marines, 1944]

[Jack Kerouac, 1953 – Photograph by Elliott Erwitt]

[Jack Kerouac c.1956]

[Jack Kerouac – Tangier, Morocco, 1957 (photograph by Allen Ginsberg)]

[Jack Kerouac, 1959 – Photograph by John Cohn]


[Jack Kerouac, 1965 – Photograph by Jerry Bauer]

[Jack Kerouac, 1967 – Photograph by Stanley Twardowicz]

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Allen Ginsberg Birthday Celebration Continues – Ginsberg Portfolio – 2












[Top to bottom: Stephen Miles 1994;  Photographer / Date unknown; Photographer / Date unknown; Photographer / Date unknown; Photographer / Date unknown; Photographer / Date unknown; Gordon Ball 1971; William S Burroughs 1953, NYC;  Photobooth 1946, Sheepshead Bay;  Photobooth, Mexico 1954;  Chester Kessler 1959, San Francisco;  UPI June 1966, New York City. ]… Read More

Allen Ginsberg’s 90th Birthday Celebration Continues – Ginsberg Portfolio – 1









[top to bottom. Unknown, ca 1995;  Photobooth 1989; Elsa Dorfman 1996;  Maine news media services 1969; Wayne Slater, Denver 1982;  Gordon Ball 1971;  Jon Gilbert Fox 1965;  Lisa Law 1967;  Photobooth ca 1963;  Harold Chapman, Paris 1957;  Photobooth 1951; Photobooth Merchant Marine Training, Sheepshead Bay, 1946] 

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May 29 – Harry Smith’s Birthday

Harry Smith‘s birthday today. Learn more about the unclassifiable maestro and treat yourself to a viewing of his remarkable Early Abstractions – here (and/or Heaven and Earth Magic – here)

“You shouldn’t be looking at this as a continuity. Film frames are hieroglyphs, even when they look like actuality. You should think of the individual frame, always, as a glyph, and then you’ll understand what cinema’s about”

An example of an early Harry Smith painting (Algo Bueno, c.1951)

and two more recent paintings (Untitled, c.1977)

and (Enochian Tablet, circa 1979)

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Celebrating Peter Orlovsky

[Nude With Onions (Portrait of Peter Orlovsky) by Robert LaVigne (1954)]

Peter Orlovsky, Allen’s long-time partner died on this day in 2010. He was 77 years old. First glimpsed by Allen in the portrait above by Robert LaVigne

Our previous Peter Orlovsky postings include here and here.

Here’s a little photo portfolio. We fondly remember you, Peter

[ Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg in Lee Forrest’s room, Hotel de Londres, Paris, December 1957 – Photograph by Harold Chapman]

[Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, (and Michael McClure) – Photograph by Larry Keenan]

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Elsa Dorfman


[Allen Ginsberg, March 1983. Photo c. Elsa Dorfman]


[Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg, Steven Taylor, March 1983. Photo c. Elsa Dorfman]

Elsa Dorfman, doyenne of the over-sized Polaroid, one of the most familiar, and most sensitive, photographers of Allen, turns 75 today. Happy Birthday “Ellie”!

We draw your attention to her web-site here (as she explains, “My web site is my obsession”) – it’s based loosely on the Boston/Massachusetts (MBTA) subway map, with different subway lines and stations representing different areas of interest (Allen has, pretty much, a whole line – the orange line, starting at Housebook (“Elsa’s … Read More