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Ted Berrigan on Jack Kerouac – 1
Ted Berrigan (1934-1983) – photo: Mark Hillringhouse We’ve featured here on the Allen Ginsberg Project many transcriptions of presentations from the 1982 Jack Kerouac conference at Naropa (celebrating 25 years of On the Road) but Ted Berrigan‘s hasn’t been among them. So, to right that wrong. Ted’s class begins with an aborted[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 414
Coming soon.. well, June 11 is the official publication date (from the University of Texas Press), but here’s an early review from Kirkus Review – William S Burroughs and The Cult of Rock ‘N’ Roll : “The terms of the title could have been flipped,”, the anonymous reviewer writes, “for this book[…]
Merce Cunningham Centennial
Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, Nam June Paik & Merce Cunningham in New York City, December 19, 1983 – Photo: Hank O’Neal Merce Cunningham (1919-2009) This year is the Centennial of the birth of Merce Cunningham. They’ve been all sorts of celebrations already. Today is the actual day, the anniversary of his birth.[…]
Robert Creeley in Buffalo Conversation – 1980 – 4
Robert Creeley (1926-2005) Conversation between Robert Creeley and Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky and Allan DeLoach in Buffalo in 1980, first published in the Niagra-Erie Writers Newsletter continues from here – and concludes here AG: When you’re, when you, Creeley… RC: Yeah AG: …are into verse of short lines, where every word that has definite,[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 413
Chicago, August 1978 : Poet Allen Ginsberg poses for a photo in Lincoln Park during the Democratic National Convention in August 1968 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) “When Will We End The Human War?” – Arvind Dilawar’s brief digest in Tablet of Allen’s political identity, published just last[…]
Robert Creeley in Buffalo Conversation – 1980 – 3
Charles Olson ( 1910-1970) Conversation between Robert Creeley and Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky and Allan DeLoach in Buffalo in 1980 continues ADL: (Basil) Bunting used to graph his poems, you know, “Briggflatts”, in particular. He told me he charted the rise and the fall and the structure in the poem. What[…]
Robert Creeley in Buffalo Conversation 1980 – 2
Allen Ginsberg and Robert Creeley Conversation between Robert Creeley and Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky and Allan DeLoach in Buffalo in 1980 continues AG: In the earlier part of the conversation… RC: Yeah AG: (….we) got on to the question of quantity… RC: We were talking of (the) Sapphic, exactly AG: …in poetry,[…]
Remembering Phil Ochs
Phil Ochs (1940-1976) Michael Schumacher is the author/editor of several books on Allen Ginsberg, (notably Dharma Lion, the 1992 biography, (revised and expanded, 2016), but also this one and this one  – and, most recently, this one) – but it’s the subject of another of Michael’s books that’s our focus today, April 9, (on the anniversary of his passing) – the late great folk singer/ social activist – Phil Ochs[…]
Robert Creeley in Buffalo Conversation 1980 – 1
Robert Creeley ( 1926-2005) This week we begin a brand new transcription. It’s from 1980 and a fugitive publication, the Niagra-Erie Writers Newsletter – Allen DeLoach with Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Robert Creeley  (initially transcribed by Ze’ve Keisch) tape begins in media res Peter Orlovsky:  ….The bottom of Love Canal Allen DeLoach: You’re talking[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 412
from Jonas Mekas’ 1997 video – “Scenes from Allen’s Last Three Days on Earth as a Spirit” Allen Ginsberg died on this day, twenty-two years ago today, April 5, 1997. For those of us privileged to be in attendance, it was, to say the least, an extraordinary night. Rosebud Feliu-Pettet provides a[…]
Remembering Arthur Russell
Here’s a treat – Allen Ginsberg and John Moran, paying tribute to Arthur Russell in 1993, playing Russell’s ‘Soon-To-Be-Innocent-Fun’, with vocals by Moran and Joyce Bowden Here’s Arthur’s 1986 version  (from The World of Echo) Here’s  a 1965 live version Here’s Philip Glass and David Byrne and Allen discussing Arthur AG: “The amazing[…]
Proverbs from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – 15
AG: Plate 14 – oh, one great line here – and, talking about the apocalypse and the expansion into the universe – “The ancient tradition that the world will be consumed in fire at the end of six thousand years is true…(the ancient tradition that said this is true) “ I have[…]
Anne Waldman’s Birthday
“Anne Waldman‘s Birthday Today” – the voice of Ted Berrigan kicks off her March 2017 conversation with Joshua Kotin as part of the Harvard University’s Woodberry Poetry Room Oral History Initiative Anne Waldman reads here from her most recent book Trickster Feminism in footage recorded in her New York City home last year by Don Yorty Here’s Anne with Kunga Tenzin Dorji, in conversation with Pragya[…]
Proverbs from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell – 14
Allen Ginsberg on William Blake continues from here AG: (continuing with) “A Memorable Fancy” – (So now he explains what he means by that – that choosing forms of worship from poetic tales) “(B)ut my senses discovered the infinite in every thing “. “But my senses..” “But my senses discovered the infinite[…]
Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 411
Carl Solomon in his Prince Street apartment several years after residence with me on sixth floor ward, New York State Psychiatric Institute, afterwards working mid-town at his uncle’s Ace Books Publishers, where he edited Wm. S. Burroughs’ Junkie paperback first edition. New York, 1953.(Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate Tomorrow (Saturday) is[…]