Poetry Advice to Danny Shot


Allen and the poets of New Jersey – We’ve noted here, in recent months, the devotional endeavors of the Hoboken Historical Museum Poet-in-Residence, Danny Shot – notably this, back in March (a celebration of his life by several of the younger poets who knew him)
and also this (which took place up in Woodstock, a loving tribute to recently-deceased poet- friend, Andy Clausen)

Danny’s remarkable energies go way back, most notably to Long Shot, his extraordinary and long-running magazine (27 issues!)

Read Danny on Long Shot here
Read Joel Lewis on Long Shothere


Featuring today – a very early note from Allen to Danny – Allen, as ever, wise and avuncular, taking time out to advise a young poet:

“Dear Dan Schott” (sic) –“It occurs to me that I am America”  – see by that touch, I avoided the dumb single-mindedness trap you fell into, once. I realized I was talking to myself, not an outside Boogie Man – that took a mind-jump, you gotta take that happy imaginative mind-jump out of your resentment into panoramic humor. Of course you do do that double-humor (mixed with deep part and generosity) in the poem you sent me – it’s built into the style and situation of the pome (sic)
Another thing you gotta remember is that each line should have some haiku or double-joke or image or mind-sound or Poetry in it, not be just flat prose – even if the original doesn’t do this. you can, & try to do better that the original, why not – remember it’s the mutual playfullnes, innate intelligence called forth, not just resentment complaint – but the happy mind wildly funny – Good luck & keep sharp and honest .    Allen Ginsberg.”

Danny Shot

Danny has kept sharp and honest!

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