Miles on Burroughs

It’s Allen Ginsberg month in London this month, courtesy the Horse Hospital and The Bureau of Lost Culture.  This past Saturday, Iain Sinclair and (Barry) Miles were on hand  to discuss “Counterculturing the Capital – Allen’s London Life”.  Tomorrow, Sinclair will return with Blake scholar, Camila Oliveira Querino to discuss Ginsberg and William Blake and Friday Miles will return to participate in “Keeping The Beat – Ginsberg Muse and Music” a panel discussion with Pat Thomas, Peter Hale and Jesse Goodman and Youth

Saluting The Bureau’s noble endeavor, we thought to feature today an earlier presentation by them, from back in the Spring of 2018 – an interview with Miles about William Burroughs  (interview and music by Stephen Coates, filmed and edited by Paul Heartfield)

“Miles tells of how he first heard of Burroughs, how they met and about the Beat writer, artist and provocateur’s time in the city.”

“Number one in a series of five”, we’re so informed.   We look forward viewing the other four.


More Miles-on-Burroughs on Miles’ illuminating web-sitehere    – and here

Burroughs and Miles, in Lawrence, Kansas

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