William Carlos Williams

Today marks the anniversary of the death, March 4,1963, of William Carlos Williams, Allen’s mentor. As per usual, we’ll send you to the incomparable Pennsound, where a grand trove of Williams recordings are kept.  We’re singling out today – this one  (a reading that took place at his home in Rutherford, New Jersey, on June 6, 1954).

Williams reads here the following works – “The Descent”,  “To Daphne and Virginia”,  “The Orchestra”,  “For Eleanor and Bill Monahan”, “The Yellow Flower”  “The Host”  “Of Asphodel, That Greeny Flower” (excerpt),  “Catholic Bells“,  “The Botticellian Trees”Smell!“,  “Fish” , “Primrose”, “To Elsie” ,  “Between Walls”“On Gay Wallpaper” , “The Red Lily”  and  “Seafarer” 

See also the resources at the William Carlos Williams Society (including this page from New Directions)

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