Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 568

International Women’s Day today.

“It’s not a generation, it’s a state of mind”
(remembering and recognizing the words of the great Beat revolutionary, Diane di Prima)

Liesl Schwabe on LitHub (on “the work and legacy of the San Francisco Beat poet”) – “Revisiting the Radical Presence of Diane Di Prima” 


Memory Gardens, last week’s Allen Ginsberg salute (alongside photographs by Benedict Fernandez) at the the Hoboken Historical Museum is now up on You Tube and ready for perusing – Danny Shot introduces Lee Ann Brown, Bob Rosenthal, Sharon Mesmer and Eliot Katz  who share memories of Allen and read from their own work  – see  here


Rozemin Keshvani, Pat Thomas and Peter Hale, last night at the Horse Hospital – photo: Antonio Pagano

Yesterday at the Horse Hospital in London saw the beginning of the Material Wealth tour. More dates to come. Here’s the full itinerary:

Tomorrow (Saturday) as part of the “Ginsberg in London” celebrations – “Counterculturing the Capital – Allen’s London Life”Iain Sinclair and Barry Miles in conversation, alongside
a showing of Sinclair’s film, Ah Sunflower! and Peter Whitehead‘s Wholly Communion. 

and concurrent, through to the end of the month, an exhibition focusing on the relationship between Allen and Miles – “The exhibition presents a memoir of their friendship and Ginsberg’s life in London up until his death in 1997, recollected through personal ephemera, rare and previously unseen images, film and sounds”

Next week (next Thursday) – “Sunflowers and Sutras – William Blake” –  Iain Sinclair will be in conversation with maverick Blake scholar, Camila Oliveira Querino, followed by “a live reading of Ginsberg’s sunflower poems, as well as his masterpiece, “Howl”

and the next day, “Keeping The Beat – Ginsberg, Muse and Music” – Jesse Goodman and
Peter Hale present their two CD compilations – The Fall of America I and The Fall of America II  with a screening of selected videos from that project. Following that, a set from musician, Youth, with special guests, and drawn from his Fall of America collaboration,
(with video interventions by Antonio Pagano)

More on Youth and his Iron Horse collaboration forthcoming.

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