William Blake (The Song of Los continues – 3)

William Blake – Illustration from The Song of Los (1795) – “There’s Urizen in a kind of contrite posture…”

Allen Ginsberg on William Blake’s The Song of Los continues from here

AG: Okay.  So, shrunk.  Shrank.  Shrunk.

From from the dead dust rattling bones to bones/Join: shaking convuls’d the shivring clay breathes/ And all flesh naked stands: Fathers and Friends;/Mothers & Infants; Kings & Warriors..” – (See, there’s going to be a revolution now.  Enitharmon is going to give birth; earth is going to give birth).

“The Grave shrieks with delight..” – (The death of the old order.  The dead in the revolutionary wars. The dead world put underground) – ” The Grave shrieks with delight, & shakes/ Her hollow womb, & clasps the solid stem..” – (I suppose that’s Los‘s solid stem).

“Her bosom swells with wild desire:/And milk & blood & glandous wine..” – (Glandous wine.  The wine of glands, human glands.  Glandous wine.  That’s a really weird wine.  Glandous wine) – “In rivers rush & shout & dance,/On mountain, dale and plain./   The Song of Los is Ended./Urizen Wept.”)

Now, Urizen wept because he realized this was the truth. That the history of Urizen’s clampdown on consciousness was an accurate history and that, though the kings of Asia were here and howled, still the earth was going to give birth to another creation.  And so Los (in) plate eight (of the) Song of Los, the kid blacksmith according to Erdman, here “rests ‘wearied’ from his intellectual labors.”  Page one-eighty-one.  Rests “‘wearied’ from his intellectual labors, and regards the completed song/sun with anxious compassion….  (R)evolutionary destruction of the old order” was his task.  “It is now blood red….”  This globe of blood, this womb of the new world, is now blood red.  “The next stage will be to shape a human face in the sun,” incidentally.

And if you want to see where it all began, which is really interesting, it begins in Plate one.  There’s Urizen in a kind of contrite posture, showing us his heels (on) page one-seven-four.  Urizen, all dressed in white, somewhat contrite, bowed down to this creation which is the God-ball projected from his brain, with mysterious hieroglyphs written over it, which in some texts are … well, remember, the sun is black.  His curses have covered the sun.  So these are the curses of Urizen covering the sun.  In Thomas Butts’s copy of (The Book of) Job, the first part of the “Lord’s Prayer” is written across the sun.  So you can take this hieroglyph to be the tablets of the law or the traditional Christian “Lord’s Prayer”, and he’s getting down and bowing down before the authority of that.

So that completes the “Song of Los”  –  And “Urizen Wept.” Yeah, he’s holding onto a skull there.

And so our next task, our next trip, will be to complete an analysis of Urizen  the inside of the human brain.

to be continued

Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately eighty-one-and-three-quarter minutes in and continuing until approximately eighty-six minutes in

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