Friday’s Weekly Round- Up- 653

Pat Thomas at the New York launch of Material Wealth, January 31, 2024

This past week’s celebration of Material Wealth in New York.  Pat Thomas and Peter Hale were joined by Holly George-Warren and Sylvia Reed and a reprise from Milo Martin telling his Allen at Candlestick Park baseball tale.

Pat Thomas, Peter Hale, Sylvia Reed, Holly George Warren

Next stop Europe – Look out for readings in the UK and Ireland in the Spring


Ken Kesey and the Acid Tests. We featured here last year Stephan Bornstein’s first-hand memories.  Here’s further thoughts and recollections from Antonio Pineda courtesy of Simon Warner’s Rock and The Beat Generation Substack


Gregory Corso news – We note with pleasure the recent publication (from Athens publishers Εκδόσεις Bibliotheque  (Editions Bibliotheque)) – Gregory in Greek

Yannis Livadas has translated Corso’s play “In This Hung Up Age,” accompanying it with a poem that first appeared in Unmuzzled Ox – “Dear Villon, Dear Milarepa”


Sad news from Athens too.  We heard last week of the death of Beat poet, Spyros Meimaris

Raymond Foye writes: “Spyros saw Gregory Corso walking down the street in Athens and followed him to a cafe, then sat at the next table and struck up a conversation, and a lifelong friendship. He took Allen and Gregory to the rembetika clubs in Piraeus where the musicians recognized them as kindred spirits. Spyros and his friends lived for many years under a military dictatorship, so their way of life, as artists and poets, was not a safe or easy existence.”

For more on Spyiros and on the influence of the Beats in Greece – see here and here


We’ll end today with a pensive moment, Marc Ribots “Sometime I Lay Down My Wrath”, his  rendition of Allen’s 1949 poem “Sometime Jailhouse Blues” – “Sometime I’ll lay down my wrath/As I lay my body down/Between the ache of breath and breath/Golden slumber in the bone”.

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  1. So sad to hear of Spyros Meimaris passing away. When I was writing about Gregory Corso’s adventures in Greece, Spyros gave me some great insights and wonderful anecdotes about their friendship.

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