Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 565

Ai Weiwei remembers Allen and remembers New York in his new book, Zodiac


Allen Ginsberg  and William Burroughs, Lawrence, KS, May 30, 1991. photo probably
snapped by James Grauerholz with Allen’s camera

We mentioned last week David S Wills over at Beatdom’and his stimulating month-long William Burroughs series 

This past week we saw, three additional pieces  – “Translating Interzone: Interviews with Burroughs’ Translators” – (Part 1: Farid Ghadami –  Part 2: Udo Breger), “Queer: The Movie – What do we know?” – and  “I Never Said That” – Investigating a Fake Burroughs Quote”

and to come:  – “Letting the Machines Take Over: AI Attempts Burroughs Book Covers” –
” 2x Summaries of Forthcoming Burroughs Books”, “Remembering Those Lost Since 2014”, “An Interview with Victor Bockris (and an Announcement)”, “Ending Exile: On Burroughs’ Return to the US in 1974”, and, concluding with, notes in the magazine’s own pages  “Burroughs in Beatdom”


Amiri Baraka (1934-2014)

Colin Stills rarely-seen and masterful Amiri Baraka film, Sing! Fight! Sing Fight! is being screened at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. The screening  will also feature an interview/Q&A on stage with Colin and Amiri’s daughter,
radio personality and activist, Dominique DiPrima.


Pat Thomas and Peter Hale‘s Material Wealth European tour starts up next month.
Dates have been fixed, notably, March 7 in London at The Horse Hospital (Pat & Peter
will be joined there for a conversation with Rozemin Keshvani, which will then be followed by performances from poet Aidan Andrew Dun and legendary guitarist Wizz Jones).
This event is just one part of a series of events in London honoring Allen – Ginsberg in London,  a co-production of The Horse Hospital and The Bureau of Lost Culture.
For full details on the entire “program of happenings” – (we’ll be noting it further in the weeks ahead) – see here

Pat & Peter will then be in Dublin, five days later, March 12, at Dublin’s New Theater, appearing with singer-songwriter-raconteur Mike Scott of The Waterboys, lyricist/poet/playwright Eamonn Carr of Horslips and poet/songwriter/scholar Catherine Ann Cullen 

They will also be in Leeds, on the 17th of March, at the Hyde Park Book Club, where they will be joined by music scholars, Simon Warner and Peter Mills

The tour finishes up in Paris, 21st of March with a presentation at the Shakespeare & Co Bookstore

Paul Wilner reviews Material Wealth for Zyzzyva here


coming soon to New York – Beat outsider art – The Outsider Art Fair – “Beat Art Work – Power of the Gaze” – more on that next week

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