Material Wealth Coming Soon

Pat Thomas excavation of the archives,  Material Wealth  will be out soon.

Meanwhile, just to whet your appetite, here’s Anne Waldman‘s enthusiastic foreword
to the collection:

“Allen Ginsberg’s personal archive was a love affair, a way to legendize, continue the entanglement, gather together his inspirational angle and make the splash that ripples through time.  It was true and deep, the tangible evidence of a generative gnosis that went  between the “best minds”. Document from “docere” meaning to teach. Its a proof, a lesson, a witness. Allen wanted the world to see that extraordinary act of witness in so many manifestations: in events, in relationships, in spiritual knowledge, in literary brilliance, in influence, in politics, collaboration, in the forming of a cultural identity that shook the walls of the city. Of the nation, you could say, and well beyond.When Allen died, candles were lit all over the world. Ephemera refers to a “day in the life” as with a fragile plant or insect. And how brightly they might burn as well. And shine. Archive is originally a “public” record. So it’s there for all to see. With its complexities, its sorrows and losses as well. During times of stress as we face now, more tenaciously, we are asked to evacuate from flood, from fire, from hurricanes, from nuclear accident, from war. What might we want to take along? What of our friends and communities, our penetrating travels, crossing borders?  It’s something to ponder and Allen exemplifies this spirit in his intimate memoria. With his powerful photos of Harry Smith, Jack Kerouac, Rene Ricard, Patti Smith, caught in action in the vast blink of Time! When he and I founded the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University with the presence of Diane di Prima, Amiri Baraka, WS Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Joanne Kyger, Ted Berrigan, John Cage, Jerome Rothenberg, and so many others, we spoke of a 100-year project, at least. The markers are still there, the map is visible, there are beloved friendships, the projects continue. We write and celebrate and make documents and protest for liberation. We struggle to publish, to help one another. There are lineage holders, new manifestations, technologies. But it comes down to our basic humanity, our poetic wit, our generosity, which Allen had in abundance. Check this book for its exemplary passionate, and historic esprit de corps.”

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