Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 552

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Allen in India. That terrain has been extensively mined (notably, in Deborah Baker’s 2008 A Blue Hand).  Mick Brown‘s recently-published The Nirvana Express – How The Search For Enlightenment Went West takes up the subject again. For an excerpt from that volume
– see here  – and here


Two must-read reviews featured in Beatdom this week (don’t miss them!) –   Marc Olmsted on the recent Lew Welch biography – and David S Wills, the editor, on Diane di Prima’s Buddhist poems – here and here 


The VERSEverse this past Wednesday and more AI experimentation – Ross Goodwin reveals his recent experiments (Tuesday) next week


Andrew Wylie (Allen’s literary agent) has been the subject of two recent (and hitherto rare) in-depth profiles –  here and here

Harry Smith recollections – Steve Creson writes illuminatingly on Harry for Resounding – Harry Smith in NW Washington

It’s David Amram’s birthday tomorrow


& Pat Thomas’ eagerly-awaited Material Wealth comes out on Tuesday.  Looking forward to it. More on that then.


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