Gelek Rimpoche’s Birthday

Gelek Rimpoche – Ann Arbor, April, 1990 – photo: Allen Ginsberg, courtesy Stanford University Libraries / Allen Ginsberg Estate

From the notes from  “Transforming Minds Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche & Friends”  (2021-22)
at Tibet House, New York:

“In 1989, Allen’s close friend, Philip Glass, a student of Rimpoche, brought Ginsberg
to Michigan to perform a benefit concert for Jewel Heart.(see also here). From that first meeting and until Ginsberg’s death in 1997, Rimpoche was his Tibetan Buddhist teacher and friend. Ginsberg, was also, in many ways, Rimpoche’s teacher – a consultant in matters involving the English language and the more puzzling facts of Western culture. The two formed an indissoluble bond.”

From Philip’s biography Words without Music (2015):

“Tomo Geshe told me, “If you want to learn the texts and study, then you have to go see Gelek Rimpoche. He can teach you that.” In this way, I began studying with Gelek Rimpoche,  who, for me, is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered.  Geshe Rimpoche died in September 2001 but I remain very close to Gelek Rimpoche.”

Gelek Rimpoche (1939-2017)

Today (October 26) is Gelek’s birthday, he would have been 84

And here’s the “Great Prajna Paramita Sutra” –  originally translated by Allen and Shunryu Suzuki (and adapted by  Gelek and Allen):  

                                                           Blessings in eternity, Gelek!

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