Stephen Bornstein

Brief excerpt of Stephen Bornstein with Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Neal Cassady, Maretta Greer, and Ken Kesey, December 1965

Stephen Bornstein, Bixby Canyon Neach, Big Sur, December 1965

Stephen Bornstein, Brooklyn, June 1969

Stephen Bornstein in 2022

Stephen Bornstein who we’ve featured here recently (most recently on Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey)  created an extraordinary thing back in the ‘Sixties  – the scroll

“The scroll’s intention was to serve as a vehicle for the artist’s own enlightenment”

“The scroll” with a copy of the 1927 translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Stephen Bornstein’s scroll c. 1965

sample page from the  scroll c.1965 – “Karmic Winds”

The actual original scroll in its entirety may be viewed here

Looking back in 2021, looking back on his life, Stephen created a kind of cyber-scroll – memories and images,  “The Scroll and its Zeitgeist”. (from which we have been excerpting)

and, following a presentation in 2022, at Hamilton College, put on line further extensive archival resources (well worth perusing)

Bornstein’s lecture on that occasion, April 13, 2022, may be viewed in its entirety – & we strongly recommend it – here

And Bornstein these days?  What’s he up to?

Stephen writes:

“I am a serious climate activist pushing a Hydrogen Oxygen fuel solution and writing an ebook on QiGong and the universe (Christian Goodwille has offered to print it at Hamilton when I finish it).  I prefer ebooks. Instantly translatable into 88 languages and you can add or correct it infinitely.”

So..   Connecting the Dots

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