Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 634

Countdown to the October 6 The Fall of America Vol II album release with another sample today – (there’ll be another sample next week) – “Holy Ghost on the Nod Over the Body of Bliss” – music and video by Jack Dangers 

Dangers perceptively writes:

“With recent developments with the rigged Supreme Court how prescient Allen was in predicting the fall of democracy…maybe not in his lifetime but definitely in ours.
I wanted Allen to “sing the love of dangers” on Holy Ghost On The Nod Over The Body Of Bliss…a voice of precognition spanning the intervening years to where we are now… the American experiment…the small blip has flatlined.”

“Is this the God of Gods, the one I heard about/in memorized language Universities murmur?/ Dollar bills can buy it! the great substance/exchanges itself freely through all the world’s/poetry money, past and future currencies/issued & redeemed by the identical bank,/electric monopoly after monopoly….”


Muses and Self – Photographs by Allen Ginsberg, Allen’s L.A. photo show at the Fahey-Klein Gallery closes tomorrow.
Just time for one more review

“Like poetry, Ginsberg used photography to transform memory into artifact, so that the past could continuously live anew in the present tense….Whether photographing old friends or new acquaintances…his deceptively effortless photographs reveal the ease with which he belongs exactly where he stands, crafting elegiac scenes that look like fragments pulled from memory.”

ok, one more 


Speaking of coming attractions – Pat Thomas Material Wealth – Mining the Personal Archive of Allen Ginsberg book will be available soon.  November 14 is the publication date. We can’t wait!   All sorts of treasures to be revealed (see here) along with Allen’s previously unpublished notes about hearing Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”for the first time, his 1974-era phone book, and previously unpublished poems.


Aliah Rosenthal has released a quirky sound recording – Nature Sounds from the Allen Ginsberg Farm. Son of Allen’s sometime secretary, Bob Rosenthal, Aliah spent some formative years, visiting Allen’s farm in Cherry Valley


David Greenberg who spent quality time with Allen in New York’s East Village has a video eulogizing and remembering those times – see here

Simon Warner and his Rock and the Beat Generation Substack continues to be a go-to place. See, for example, here, his recent interview with David Amram, and here – “Missing Link? – Beat, Ed Sanders and the Washington march”


Auction news – Yesterday in San Francisco, PBA had some interesting items, notably this:

a signed first-edition of Howl (inscribed to Kirby Congdon (estimated price $7000 -$10,000 – compare with last week’s Sotherby’s true first-edition (mimeo edition), asking price – $375,000!)

a little note from Kerouac to Lois Sorrells  (estimated price $5000 – $8000)

Hart Crane’s copy of Villon

and Marlon Brando’s copy of The Beat Scene


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