Anselm Hollo Collected Poems

We mentioned it in January.  We mentioned it again last month –  (and even last week!)
We’ve been so looking forward to it!

We are pleased to announce that it is finally out and available – (this “door-stopper” of a book, 1128 pages), official publication day was yesterday) – The Collected Poems of Anselm Hollo – edited by John Bloomberg-Rissman and Yasamin Ghiasi

Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, his beloved widows,  pens a touching intro:

“There are moments in life that are indelible, crystalline, beyond everyday meaning

It was one, two, perhaps three of those moments that a beloved poet, uneasy that he may miss his train, his long-awaited journey to the beyond, asked his wife to keep a promise. The promise was to make sure there would be a posthumous book, a book of his “Collected Poems”

The book you have in hour hands is a realization of that promise. If you had the privilege of getting to know Anselm in person, you are fortunate. But, even if you are as far away in time as Hipponax, whom he translated, you will always have access to his spirit in the poems residing herein. In this volume Anselm invites you into the eternally convivial “company of poets””

1128 pages!  yes – We were reminded of Anselm’s poem, “Home on the Shelf”. (page 628!)

Yet another
Collected Poems by a friend

In the end
will we just all stand there
doing the Megalith  or/and
“We shall be changed”

as foretold by bass-bartitones
in Handel’s Messiah

Oh yes yes yes
into billions of unrelated particles

some perhaps frying
in the grease of the kind
of Chinese-American restaurant
where your best bet is the “chicken-fried steak”

some flying
better than that, in the bones of a hummingbird

and for the Ginsberg connection – how about this?   – from 2004 (page 922):

excellent excellent
what could be more excellent
than the memorable
the memorable?  what is it
what is it that’s so memorable?
was it something he said?
yes yes that’s it! it was something he said!
he said “look up at the sky”
that’s what he said he said
“look up at the sky”
so that’s what I do when not thinking
about how got save the art
from Elephantiasis Americanus
I look up at the sky

and then, as was his habit in later years, he footnotes the poem”

“that’s what saids – he: Allen Ginsberg. I think he was quoting one of his gurus who had told him to do this whenever he felt “down”

“Wry and witty”, declare his publishers. “All of Hollo’s trademark humor, wisdom and charm is on display here”..”Warm, insightful, and delightfully observant”

Publishers Weekly‘s early review of it may be perused – here 

more substantial  reviews to follow

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