Charles Reznikoff

Charles Reznikoff was one of Allen’s favorite poets.

We have featured him many times on The Allen Ginsberg Project

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Charles Reznikoff on the extraordinary and invaluable PennSound

Paul Auster on Charles Reznikoff – “The Decisive Moment” (from The Art of Hunger)

Charles Bernstein on Charles Reznikoff  here, here – and here

This past June in Paris at Maison de la Poesie  an Anglo-French celebration with Dara Barnat, Norman Finkelstein, Stephen Fredman, Andrea Inglese, Jena Osman, Ariel Reznikoff, Sarug Sarano, Carlos Soto Roman, Mark Scroggins & Frank Smith

Celebrating the great Charles Reznikoff.

As Bernstein writes – (on the occasion of the re-publication of the “definitive edition” of his poems, back in 2005) – “The Poems of Charles Reznikoff is necessary reading for anyone interested in 20th-century American poetry. Reznikoff’s astonishingly engaging and quietly powerful work has been steadily gaining a passionate following.”

That following continued – and is continuing.  Read his work.

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