Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 628

Ana Maria Caballero (of theVERSEverse) and Nicholas Fahey (of Fahey-Klein Gallery)

Allen Ginsberg enters the blockchain.  The groundbreaking show at Fahey-Klein in Los Angeles  premiered last night.

A New Show of Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs Will Also Feature Poems Generated by A.I.Trained on Those Same Images” – Min Chen at Artnet gives an informed preview of the occasion – here 

Min Chen quotes Allen (from Snapshot Poetics):  “ “In a sense, writing poems and taking pictures have been two discrete but very closely related activities.”

and theVERSEverse (on their experiment):

“It’s been exhilarating to see the resonances and associations that pop up between seemingly disparate words, images and moments, to see from a sort of aerial view how all the relationships and personal encounters and sacred moments captured in Ginsberg’s photographs may have filtered into or out of his writings.”

““We’re essentially turning Ginsberg’s historical photographs into poem machines that allow us not just to read his work but also to engage, interrogate, interact, and continuously create with it..We’re activating these photos and equipping them to talk back, invite us in deeper, and maybe even reveal things we don’t already know or see.”  

The future has arrived.

See also Alexandra Tremayne-Pengellyhere 


Remembering Diane di Prima on her birthday this past weekend.  Saturday saw a reading at Bird & Beckett in San Francisco  (for a video recording of that memorial gathering – see here)

and the next day, the remarkable occasion at the Castro Theatre 

Video glimpses from that event – here, here  here, here, and  here,
The full video is available (scroll down) on our Facebook page

City Lights at 70 – more video encomiums – from D. A.Powell  and from Vanessa Hua

More to come.


David Simpson (who? – one of the initial organizers of the legendary Six Gallery) is 95 and currently living in Berkeley. He also has an exhibition of beautiful abstract paintings currently on display at Houston’s Sonja Roesch Gallery  (through till tomorrow!)

& another nonagenarian in the Bay Area – Joanne McClure.
Jonah Raskin on Joanne McClure

Her current collection “For Michael”, just published recently by Bottle of Smoke Press

& another recent resident – ruth Weiss (1928-2020) –  Thomas Antonic on ruth Weiss is the latest episode of Simon Warner‘s ‘Classic Encounters of the Beat Kind”. A full list of that series can be found here 

and on the passing of the legendary Robbie Robertson this week – Robertson is featured reading Allen (from “Song”) in the collection “Poetry of the Western World Read By Celebrities and Collected by Clare Ann Matz” – see here

and see here:


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