Allen’s (97th) Birthday – 2

Allen Ginsberg, Cambridge, Mass, circa 1974 – Elsa Dorfman (Elsa once described it as “my favorite picture of Allen Ginsberg”


“utility-man S.S. John Blair around October 30, 1947, just back in N.Y. harbor from Galveston-Dakar doldrums trip, I handed my camera to the radio-man on the ship’s fantail, smoking what?”  [photo & caption: Allen Ginsberg courtesy TwelveTrees Press/Allen Ginsberg Estate

Continuing from yesterday, and in celebration of his birthday, an admittedly somewhat arbitrary and random selection of photographs (portraits) of the poet

Allen Ginsberg – photobooth Merchant Marine Training, Sheepshead Bay, 1946, Merchant marine passport shot, 1946, photobooth, Mexico 1954 Berkeley, March 1956 – photo by Harry Redl, Allen Ginsberg, 1975 – photo by Bradford Lyttle of the CNVA (Committee for Non-Violent Action), Allen at the Human Be-In, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, January 1967, Allen in India – Calcutta, 1962 – photo by Peter Orlovsky, Allen in Near Lake, Pátzcuaro, Mexico, 1951, Allen in Amsterdam -1973,  photo Bob Lens, Allen in Venice, Italy, Allen as Kral Majales, King of May, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1965, Self Portrait at 70, June, 1996, New York City, March 15, 1978,  photo by Iris Schnieder, Allen and mudra – photo by Jay Blakesberg, Allen at Paterson Falls

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