Bob Dylan’s Birthday

A selection of  2023 Bob Dylan Birthday Celebrations

Bob Dylan‘s 82nd Birthday today.   Happy Birthday, Bob, from The Allen Ginsberg Project
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Main Photograph

Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, Edson Cemetery,  Lowell, Massachusetts, 1975, at the site of Jack Kerouac‘s grave – Photograph by Ken Regan

Spotlighting  today Randy Roark‘s invaluable gathering  – Allen Ginsberg on Bob Dylan – Excerpted from miscellaneous classroom lectures and interviews, 1974-1993

“In 1993”, he writes,  “I transcribed ten hours of interviews between Allen Ginsberg and Hal Willner..During the… interview, I had to cut a lot of (Bob) Dylan stories that I thought would inform fans of Dylan and Ginsberg of some behind-the-scenes stuff – like how someone handed Dylan the long-lost manuscript of Ginsberg’s early poems.”

When I was finished with the Willner project, I took those Dylan stories and went to the index and found every reference to Dylan thus far..I continued transcribing for four years after 1993 and may find a more complete version of this collection, but this popped up when I was searching for references to Allen in a hard-drive with all of my extant writing for another project.

All of these transcriptions are available freely through the Stanford University Archives’ Ginsberg collection. Many of the original recordings have been released via Internet Archives, and most of the transcriptions have been “published” online by the Ginsberg Estate. I don’t own any of this information – I just saved you from having to page through 28,000 pages to find the 28 about Dylan.”

Thanks Randy, and thanks for all that you’ve done (and continue to do) in preserving the teachings and thinking of Allen


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Tune in to WKCR all day today for their marathon  Bob Dylan Birthday broadcast

& a shout-out (as always) to the remarkable invaluable  Expecting Rain

Happy 82nd Birthday, Bob!


  1. Bob Dylan’s Birthday is May 11th NOT the 24th as Bob himself reveals to us, if anyone EVER bothered to look at the DOB on his passport in the back of the book included in “bootleg series 1-3” box set…. My buddy Bob has been having people on for years and I LOVE HIM… I play guitar and piano, cover MANY Bob Dylan songs from ALL his incarnations over the years(not an “imitator robbing him blind”) as well as other artists and originals. Both he AND the Beats (Allen, Jack, Uncle Bill, Lawrence, Gregory, etc) have been one of the Biggest influences in Art and Music of ANY group of people or “era” that come to MY mind. I have seen countless shows, and tho’ I never met him he will always be a friend of mine… GOD BLESS BOB!! Keep on Rock’n ☮️

  2. Bob your songs have been with me a long time. They have helped me out thru hard times and Happy times! I’m 69 and enjoy your music now as I also did many moons ago. A Happy Late Birthday to you. Your concerts my wife and I thought were fantastic. Best Wishes.
    . Jeff and Tonia

  3. wow….May 11th DOB on passport…somebody better show Bob’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE and put an end to this confusion.

  4. Better late than never. Can’t believe Bob Dylan is 82. But at whatever age he remains relevant. May he stay forever young. Happy birthday Bob!

  5. I have loved Bob Dylan‘s music since the first day I heard his songs. That was in 1965, and I have really enjoyed all of his music, ever since. My younger brother Sam happened to be passing through Woodstock in the summer of 1967, and through series of coincidences found Bob’s house. Sam went up and knocked on his front door, and Bob came out and talked to him for about 15 minutes. It was so gracious of Dylan to do that.
    To summarize my feelings of his status as a musician, “there’s Bob Dylan, and then there’s all the rest.”

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