Student Poems Examined – 1

Allen Ginsberg’ s April 1 1981 Naropa class continues from here 

AG: Okay, texts.  What have we got?   I’ve been talking enough.
Student:  I have a poem that I worked on..
AG:  Did you say we xeroxed things, or something?
Student (Joel Lewis):  Yeah.  I have xeroxes.  I don’t know who else….
AG:  You have xeroxes of what?
Student (Joel Lewis):  My poem.
AG:  And does he have … do you have xeroxes of yours?
Student:  Uh-huh.
Student:  I have xeroxes.
AG:  You mean I’ve been talking all this time and people have all these poems waiting and xeroxed?
Student:  Yeah.
AG:  Okay.  I didn’t know you were actually running a clean ship.  Okay.  Well, then let’s get to it.  You start.
Student (Tom):  I’ll pass it around first.
AG:  Shall we pass them around?
Student (Tom):  Well, let us do one at a time.
AG:  Okay, pass one around at a time.  Pass Tom’s (sic) around.  We’ll have to do them fast then, huh?  Condense it.  Condense the whole process.
Tom:  This..
AG:  One fit.  One glance.
Student (Tom):  This is a poem I wrote Monday afternoon and then it was … I brought it into Tom ‘s freebie class and got some suggestions.
Joel Lewis: Tom (Pickard
Student (Tom):  And uh … but, you know … so it’s still in progress, but it’s been..(I’ve been)
…working on it.

AG:  Okay.  So now he said not to accept anything but what people could memorize.
Student:  Right.
AG:  Is that still…?
Student:  We thought we could cheat on you.
AG:  Go on.
Student:  I thought he wouldn’t say anything.
AG:  I won’t tell him.  Don’t tell him.  Don’t snitch.  Don’t cheat.  Don’t snitch on me.  Go on.  Read it aloud.  We don’t have much time, I see, so let’s do it fast.  I’m sorry.

to be continued (and concluded) tomorrow

Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately seventy-nine-and-three-quarter minutes in and concluding at approximately eighty-one-and-three-quarter minutes in

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